Round 7, Chapter 33: [Blank]: Secrets Revealed

Gem’s and Asa’s Teen birthday passed without fanfare. Bo and Heaven had no idea how to throw a Sim birthday party. Bo expected that Laurel would’ve thrown a party for Robyn when she aged up to Teen and Quincy when he aged up to Young Adult. But Robyn didn’t want a party and Quincy’s party was just for immediate family.

What was the point of befriending so many Sims if they didn’t help you pick up on cultural queues not in your Sim handbook? Bo double-checked the handbook and confirmed there wasn’t enough information to help him and Heaven put together a Teen birthday party. Gem and Asa didn’t mind though. They were just happy with the bodies their disguises aged into.

Before the club gathering that weekend, Heaven and Bo discussed whether they should reveal to the other families they were aliens. Bo thought about what he should say. Heaven was so worried, and he didn’t know how to tell her that Laurel and Carmen both already knew he was an alien. Countless other Sims knew too, like Laurel’s son Quincy, but they were the only two in the club who knew.

He  decided to go with a half-truth. He reminded her that he’d been abducted recently for a status update.

“That is a great reminder, husband,” said Heaven. “We have not yet discussed the results of the status update. What do they think of our progress on the stated mission goals?”

“They thought the mission goals should be evaluated and updated, “said Bo. “Specifically as it relates to the part of hiding our true identities,”

“What?! That does not sound right to me,” said Heaven. “They were very adamant on that point during our training for this mission. The only reason they would change their minds is if–Bo, tell me that you have not…?”

Bo knew it was time to come clean. Heaven was so worried about the mission, and he was so sure this was would cause an irreparable rift between them. He felt bolstered by the council’s mission update approval and spilled the beans on what he’d done. He felt if he could get it over with quickly, she might be okay.

Heaven was speechless. She thought it odd that her Loner husband had made so many friends and acquaintances, but she told herself  that he was just doing everything he could to make sure the mission was a success.

“So when you spoke of evolving the Sim plants using Sixamian methods,” said Heaven. “Had you already begun to reveal yourself to the Sims?”

“Yes,” said Bo. “I wanted to tell you then, but I did not know how. But you see, it does not matter now. The council thinks it is a good idea to reveal the secret to targeted Sims and use their reactions as part of our resear–”

“Who,” interrupted Heaven. “Who knows?”

Bo was dreading this question. He decided to go for the full confession. He hadn’t realized the list of Sims who knew he was an alien had grown so large. It was just one after another and before you know it, it was more than half a dozen.

“The first person that found out was Summer,” said Bo.

“Summer! Does Candy know too? Does she know I am an alien? I thought I was doing a sufficient job of of behaving the part of the ambitious Sim musician,” said Heaven. “Have I been a fool all this time thinking I had her fooled?”

“I honestly do not know if Candy knows that I am from Sixam,” said Bo. “Summer and I never discussed that it was a secret. I tried to make it seem mundane so she would not think it something worth discussing.”

“Mundane! This was not your secret to share,” said Heaven. “And this explains why that kid was asking about your ‘mind trick’. I can’t believe this!”

“You misunderstand, wife,” said Bo. “If anyone is aware of Aliens, they are only aware of me. I have told no one that you and the offspring are from Sixam as well.”

“Why would anyone think a Sim would marry an alien and have offspring that were not at least part alien? That doesn’t make sense,” said Heaven.

“I do not know, I have never discussed it with any Sim to that level of detail,” said Bo. “What has happened previously is they find out I am an alien, almost unanimously respond positively, then we move on to other topics.”

“It can’t be that simple, can it? After all,” said Heaven, “how could anyone find out they were talking to an alien and not have many clarifying questions to ask?”

To Bo the answer was simple. “There are a lot of xenophiles in this world, Heaven. A lot.”

Heaven seemed satisfied with his explanation for now, but Bo could tell she still wasn’t comfortable with what he’d done. He thought back to the last time this almost came up. He decided at the last moment to keep his secret, and that conversation went so much better. He wondered if he made a mistake coming clean now.

On Sixam, when one deceives another, they are allowed up to two moons to decide if there will be retribution. Heaven felt he imperiled the mission for unnecessary reasons and wasn’t prepared to forgive him right away. Bo was glad to have the secret off his chest, but now his only choice was to wait for Heaven’s decision and hope it went in his favor.

When the family arrived at the club hangout that weekend, everyone loved the place. Their families immediately jumped into the many activities available and got to know each other over games of all kinds. Laurel set to making food for everyone to enjoy. There were other people there just to hang out, like Akira Kibo, Cassandra Goth, and Nancy Landgraab.

After their families were all settled and mingled, Laurel asked the club to meet in their new private room. Luca announced he had to go to work, but promised he’d text someone later to find out what he missed.

Carmen asked if she could go first. Laurel asked her to wait for a minute. She announced that this wouldn’t be a regular club meeting. She didn’t want to keep everyone away from their families. She just wanted to show the space she’d secured for the club and ask a huge favor of the club.

They were all intrigued by what Laurel would have to say, but she let Carmen go first.

“Thanks Laurel,” said Carmen. “I figured I’d better tell you all at once, and I’m hoping this news goes over better with y’all than it did with my other club.”

“The Upper Crusts? What,” said Gavin, “did you all get into a food fight?”

“We would never,” laughed Carmen. “But you’ll understand better after I explain. See, Laurel here got it into her mind that she should hook me up with someone since I’m still single.”

“I’m single too,” said Gavin,” and I don’t mind.”

“Well, I know, sugar,” said Carmen. “But I did mind, so Laurel stepped in to help. Y’all, she set me up with someone even younger than Gavin. He just graduated from high school with Laurel’s son!”

“This is a most unusual story,” said Bo. “Most Sims have issues with age gaps, but you are not that much older than this  young man.”

“That’s what I said! I think the age difference is fine,” said Laurel.

“Says the woman who married her high school sweetheart,” said Carmen. “You realize he’s the same age as Quincy and Daniella, right? Would you want Quincy dating me? I don’t think you would. Anyway, I decided to give the poor boy a try, and, believe it or not, we had some amazing chemistry once I gave it a chance. One thing led to another, and well… I’m pregnant y’all.”

“What?!” All three faces in the room quickly changed from mild amusement to something like mild shock mixed with disbelief.

“Yeah, I wish I could say I don’t know how it happened, but I know exactly how it happened. Well, y’all really won’t believe this next part. While I was still processing being pregnant, and delivering the news to Hugo–did I mention it was Hugo Villareal, y’all know him? He’s in the Upper Crusts with me. Well, anyway, his first reaction was mixed between happiness and concern. His sister just got married to a girl he’d been crushing on all through high school. And she’s pregnant too. I don’t think Hugo or Luna Villareal imagined they’d be raising kids so close in age they could siblings. Technically, they will be siblings. Hugo is the father of Luna’s wife’s baby. The Villareals couldn’t be more happy that both mommies will have a blood relation to the baby.”

“Wait, what?! So Hugo slept with his sister’s wife? That’s not right,” said Gavin.

“I didn’t say that,” said Carmen. “I said he’s the father. I can’t speak on how they made it happen. It’s not for me to say. Maybe it was a turkey baster situation, who knows? All y’all need to know is what I’ve told you.”

“So your child’s cousin will also be their sibling? That’s an odd thing to get used to,” said Bo.

“Well, no, we’re raising them as cousins,” said Carmen.

“‘We’re’ raising them? So you and Hugo and the baby are going to be a family,” said Laurel with a smile.

“Well, no I didn’t say that either,” said Carmen. “I don’t know what’s going to happen with Hugo and me. We fell for each other pretty quickly, and we do have a baby to worry about. But it’s just too soon to decide on that. I’m not letting an unplanned pregnancy force me into a relationship. It’s a new day, I don’t have to marry the first man to tell me he loves me, even if he is the father of my child. And that’s my final statement on the matter, no matter what my Mama says.”

“Goodness gracious Carmen,” said Laurel. “I thought you’d have fun with Hugo, take him to a few parties, give him the dancing bug. I didn’t expect this at all. But I’m happy for you. New life is always a cause for celebration!”

“Right,” said Carmen. “Well enough about me and the new nooboo. Laurel, what did  you want to tell us?”

“Ah, yes, my story. It feels like a huge shift from what we were just talking about, and I’m not sure how to say this. But do any of you believe vampires exist?”

19 thoughts on “Round 7, Chapter 33: [Blank]: Secrets Revealed

  1. I always like heaven and bo situation. I know Bo had not been so careful with his work but it’s against his personality to just hide something from his friend about his origin. But instead, he had to hide those from his wife. The lesson is, lie never work however good you think it is but it always bound to make some great drama. Hehe.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Maybe it was a turkey baster situation, who knows?” I nearly choked 😂

    I’m glad things are out in the open between Bo and Heaven now… and also out in the open about Carmen and her pregnancy! Can’t wait for Laurel to tell everyone about her visit from the vamp!

    Liked by 1 person

    *ahem* sorry =p Bo, you are gonna have a lot of making up to do with Heaven if you want her to trust you again. And Carmen, you're being really mature about all this, especially by not gossiping. I really am rooting for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Carmen may be a chatterbox and name-dropper, but she’s no gossip!

      I haven’t revealed the Sixamian rules for betrayal and beach of trust (I don’t think), so it will be interesting to see what Heaven chooses. We’ll see soon enough, just gotta deal with those vampires first.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Turkey baster! Lmao! And then bam! Vampires! They are going to think Laurel is crazy – or not. Wonder if Bo will fess up. Maybe not yet because he is still waiting on Heaven to forgive him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Both the women in the club know he’s an alien, but Bo hasn’t decided yet if he’ll reveal himself to Luca and Gavin. I’m honestly surprised he hasn’t done so already, as we know, he likes to just go around reading Sims Minds left and right. Maybe he’s on good behavior because he’s waiting on Heaven to forgive him. Most Sims would think Laurel had gone crazy, but hopefully her Club is more accepting of the unusual.


    1. Bo has learned to have an open mind about a lot of things even if they don’t seem like they should make sense. They definitely don’t have vampires on Sixam, but he’s willing to believe they exist in Simville.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I like the way you incorporated the alien abduction in the story. Mission report. Nice. 🙂
    I wasn’t familiar with the turkey baster situation term and had to google it. Oh boy. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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