Pen Pal Project D1: Okay, So We’re All Humdrum

You can view Sienna’s letter to Daniella here.

Hi Sienna!

I can’t believe you find me interesting. It seems around here, no one but Quincy finds me interesting. Well, Luca, my brother, counts, I guess.

He took me on a brother-sister date not too long ago, and that was a lot of fun. We talked more than we had in a while. I shared a lot with him, maybe too much, but I think it brought us closer.


Luca shared with me too. He’s always seemed like such a misanthrope, but he’s a bit lonely. After hearing about my love for Quincy, he confessed that he wanted someone to love too. The only girl he liked since we moved to Windenburg married this nice lady who lives up the road from us, so yeah, I don’t that was ever gonna work out the way Luca wanted.

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You asked a lot of questions in your letter! I like it though because it makes me think we have something in common: we’re both super inquisitive! Let’s see if I can answer them all (wish me luck!).

Let’s start with Quincy! What can I say about him? Well, he’s such a Romantic! He’s so flirty and compliments me all the time, but I’ve never seen him flirt with any other girl, even though he’s also Outgoing like me. We have so much fun together, though I must admit, we don’t do a lot of talking. I’m mean, we’re friends, but I don’t know how close of friends we’d be if we weren’t also romantically involved. I just love the way I feel when I’m around him. He only has eyes for me, I noticed it from the first night we hung out in the Neighborhood Hang club he created. He confessed to me later that he only created the club to get closer to me, isn’t that sweet?


To answer your question, we’re not engaged yet. We exchanged promise rings a while ago, but now we’re in a weird limbo. Quincy just aged up to Young Adult, but I’m still a Teen. My birthday is right around the corner though, so I’m sure he’ll make it official as soon as he can. We haven’t really laid out a specific plan, but it just makes the most sense to move in with him. I wouldn’t subject him to living with Luca. Plus his house is just… grand. I’m not worried about living with 7 other people. I look forward to it! Living in a house with just Luca for these high school years has not been ideal. He’s just not a people person. I am a people person though, and I can’t wait to have them around all day every day.

I’m glad to hear you have a butler because the Epsteins do too. I’ve never had one before, and I’m looking forward to it. Someone to take care of the breakfast dishes, someone to answer the door for guests, it’ll be great! Any tips you want to share on life with a butler?

There is one thing, and I’ve never said this out loud, I’m worried about Quincy’s mother. Mrs. Epstein has never been particularly nice to me, and I feel like no one else has noticed. I don’t want to bring it up with Quincy, and I worry that maybe it’s just me and maybe I’m the one who doesn’t like her. I’ve never said that aloud, but I figure it doesn’t count because this is all written. It doesn’t matter who dislikes who, it may make for an uncomfortable home life. I hope I sort that out before moving in with Quincy and his family.

You asked what I do with my time? Hmmm, when I’m not at school, or doing homework, on hanging out with Quincy, or cleaning up after Luca, or cooking for me and Luca, what do I do? Honestly, my student/girlfriend/sister duties take up most of my time. But when I do have free time, I do yoga, or read, or play video games. And… I do have one guilty pleasure. If left up to my own devices, I’ll end up sitting on the couch watching the Romance channel. I don’t do it when anyone else is around though.

What kinds of hobbies do you have? I imagine you don’t have a lot of free time with your strict schedule. You must have an extensive family history if you have to spend that much time learning it. If there are any interesting ancestors you want to tell me about, I’d love to hear it. Was your great-great-great-grandfather on the Mayflower? Lol, just kidding. Unless he was, then cool!

I’m intrigued by more than just your history though. You said you’re training to take over the family business? Your profile was very vague on that topic, which I can totally understand. My family business isn’t anything I’d want to discuss either. Luca got me away from Veronaville so I wouldn’t have to deal with the family business, but now he seems to be getting involved in it all the way out here in Windenburg. It’s still better here than it was there. Our father Jim can be a bit controlling, and being far away from him has been great for me. He still sends us money, which Luca always accepts, and it makes him think he has some control over our choices. I’ll put it this way, he’s not walking me down the aisle at my wedding. But when it comes to your family business, if it’s something you’re able to share, I’d love to hear about it. I bet it’s not as humdrum as you think.

I can’t believe you don’t live with any of your family–wait is Carrington family? I assume your butler and your chef aren’t family. I laughed aloud when you called your chef delicious. I assume you mean more than just the food he or she makes? If you don’t live with family, then there’s no one to tell you that you can’t date the staff, right? Unless that Carrington person will stop you. Why did you hate him? And where does he live when he’s not with you? Does he have other students? Has he regained your trust yet? I can’t imagine living with someone I didn’t trust, it’s why we left Veronaville in the first place. I get the feeling just up and leaving isn’t an option for you though.

I’d have to think about my ideal life. Hmmmm… I guess my ideal life is living in a comfortable home surrounded by people who I love, doing what I want with my time, oh and working in a career field that challenges me, but still having time for other fun life pursuits. I just re-read my ideal life. It seems so normal. Maybe I should come up with something more. I want to be an entrepreneur who travels constantly and leaves a string of lovers with lilting accents and large biceps in my wake. LOL. Or maybe I want to move to the woods and open my own yoga retreat and herbal dispensary, living off the land and raising a bunch of orphaned children who need love. Or maybe I want to be a restaurateur who’s so engrossed in her work that she doesn’t have time for love of any kind, except for 5 cats at home. Okay, I’m done with the alternate realities, I think I just want the life I mentioned first.

I’ll have Quincy and his family. I’ll have Luca and whoever he settles down with . The rest of my family will not be there. I want kids, but I think we’ll wait a while to have them. Quincy already has a house full of kids, I can’t imagine he wants more any time soon. We haven’t thought about how many kids, or at least I haven’t. And I see no reason to get our own house. He loves living with his parents, and we’d never be able to afford something as great as what they have.

I’d love to know what insights you’ve gained from hearing about my hopes for my future. Now I have a couple of questions for you. Is there any time left in your life for romance? What’s your favorite dish that the chef makes? Could you choose to have another teacher besides Carrington? When will you be done with school?

Looking forward to your next letter,




P.S. Same goes for me, you don’t have to answer any question you don’t want to.

17 thoughts on “Pen Pal Project D1: Okay, So We’re All Humdrum

  1. This is great! I loved hearing Daniella’s alternate realities. They were fun. We also get to know more about her and her family. So they will move in with Quincy’s family. Well he does have the upstairs to himself. So not too bad.

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