Round 6, Chapter 31 [Epstein]: We’ve Got A Problem, But We’ve Also Got A Holiday

After the meeting was over, Laurel considered the best way to tackle the Quincy/Daniella problem. She had no idea they were ditching school and that they were doing things to even warrant a pregnancy scare.

She felt like she had a great relationship with Quincy, but when she thought about it, all they ever really talked about was life back in Bridgeport and the rest of the immediate family. They never discussed his relationship with Daniella except when he announced they’d exchanged promise rings.

She wanted to confront him and find out his side of what was going on, but she wasn’t sure she should. In case something even worse happened, it might be useful to have Luca as– how did he put it? Right, an Inside Man.

She considered discussing it with Kurt the next morning. She thought about it while bathing little Emilie.


Laurel sat with Kurt in their bedroom before going to sleep that night. She had mulled it over in her head and decided they should do something. She just hadn’t figure out what the “something” should be.

Laurel relayed to Kurt everything Luca had said during their club gathering. “And then, she told him she was worried she might be pregnant, but it was just food poisoning,” said Laurel. “Food poisoning! What if it weren’t though? What if she had gotten pregnant? Did you have a talk with him about Woohoo? I know I didn’t. I figured we’ve only got one boy, that should be your job.”

“Of course I gave him the Woohoo talk darling,” said Kurt. “We made this plan 8 years and three babies ago. It was a perfect plan, I wouldn’t mess it up.”

“Well then, what went wrong?” asked Laurel. “Our son is behaving in a very uncharacteristic way!”

“Is he though?” asked Kurt. “This is his first girlfriend, we have no previous experience to judge this one by.”

“Well, that’s true…” said Laurel. “But that just proves my point, he’s never been so excited to chase girls before. So why now?”

“He’s not chasing girls,” said Kurt. “He’s only with Daniella. As far as I know, he’s never even flirted with anyone else.”

“Well, yes, but–”

“Also, Quincy is a Romantic,” said Kurt. “You know Romantic Sims have no boundaries with love. Once they’re in love, that’s it.”

“Well, yes, but–”

“And honestly, Laurel,” said Kurt. “How many breakfasts have you served since the holidays where Daniella was here? Did you think she came all the way from Windenburg at 7am to have breakfast with us?”

“Well, I guess I hadn’t really given it much though before now, but–”

“And did Luca even say that Daniella said they’d gone so far as to Woohoo?” asked Kurt.

“Well, no, but–”

“See? You worry too much, love. They are likely just messing around, as most teens do,” said Kurt.

“How can you not be more upset about this?” asked Laurel. “If this were Robyn–”

“Robyn has a 15-point plan for her Teen years, none of which includes getting pregnant, I have nothing to worry about,” said Kurt.

“You’re missing the point! I don’t want Quincy to go through what we did,” said Laurel. “Do you?”

“Honestly, Laurel, what’s so wrong with what we went through?”

“Pregnancy is no fun when you’re a Teen!”

“I agree, but back in Bridgeport we had no money, no family support,” said Kurt. “Quincy’s life here is perfect. He wouldn’t have our same issues.”

“I’m too young to be a grandparent,” said Laurel. “Plum, Kurt. We haven’t even had our Adult birthdays yet and we already have one teenager about to age up! You want that for Quincy?”

“If it means living long enough to see his grandchildren age up past toddlers, then yes,” said Kurt. “That’s what we’ll have Laurel. Maybe not with Brooklyn’s, Bianca’s, or Emilie’s kids, but surely with Quincy’s and Robyn’s.”


“And besides, Quincy’s birthday is just around the corner,” said Kurt. “What do you want to do? Punish him? Ground him during Purim?”

“Well, no,” said Laurel, “I was hoping you’d have an idea of what we could do.”

“My idea is to leave it alone. I say no harm, no foul. Besides, if we tell him, he’ll tell Daniella, and she’ll know Luca spilled the beans to a room full of people she doesn’t know. We’re talking about ruining the relationship between 8 Sims here, Laurel. You don’t want that, do you?”

“Well, no, but–”

“Alright, it’s settled then. Let’s go to bed, love, and think no more of it.”

Laurel couldn’t believe Kurt wanted Quincy to get off scot free. She knew he wouldn’t be so calm about it if it were Daniella who was their child and not Quincy. Kurt was right that Quincy was to age up to Young Adult soon, but he wasn’t a Young Adult yet. Laurel did as Kurt asked and went to bed, but she planned on bringing it up again in the morning.

All her plans dissipated overnight when something really weird happened. She wasn’t sure if it was a dream or if it really happened. All Laurel knew was that she felt awful.


Laurel felt loopy and weird, very uncomfortable and in pain. She decided to say nothing to Kurt about Quincy because he was unlikely to change his mind and she didn’t want to ruin the Purim celebration.

Plus, Quincy was going to age up to Young Adult right after Purim, so anything he did after that point fell on his own shoulders, not hers. This was Laurel’s last thought before taking a much needed a nap right on the floor.


After she finally woke up and got the kids off to school, fed Kurt, fed and bathed Emilie, Laurel researched vampires on the computer and found lots of info, all suggesting vampires might be real. The jokes about Midnight Hollow might not be just jokes after all.


She decided to purchase a book on vampire lore, reading it and learning all sorts of things about plasma packs, the effect of sunlight on vampires, and the usefulness of coffins. She hadn’t yet learned anything to help with keeping them away, but she would keep researching. For now, the research would have to wait. It was time to start cooking for the feast! Purim was one of Laurel’s favorite holidays, and she wasn’t going to let vampires, crazy teenage sons, or clingy toddlers get in the way of her preparation.

Laurel headed to the kitchen, happily preparing the feast, thought of Quincy and Daniella long gone from her mind, pushed out by thoughts of holidays and vampires. She also took time to make the cookies she promised the members of her club.


The family feasted and partied to celebrate, as they did each year.


The next evening, Laurel made her rounds to deliver the cookies, as promised.


Laurel stuck to her word and didn’t mention what she’d heard from Luca to Quincy. Quincy aged up to Young Adult with a simple birthday party, just the family– and Daniella, but it was a fun night for all.


The Epsteins were living a happy life, so Laurel wanted to do everything in her power to make sure it continued.


16 thoughts on “Round 6, Chapter 31 [Epstein]: We’ve Got A Problem, But We’ve Also Got A Holiday

  1. I loved the way you did that vampire shot! Poor Laurel though, getting bitten like that! Hahahaha. The screenshots in this chapter were so great 😀 (And your sims are all so lovely to look at ❤ )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Having that mirror there was a lucky fluke because I gave up on the bedroom design, lol.

      This chapter is when I started using photoscape on my screenshots, so they’re about to get and stay better, lol. And just watch out for when I remove the plumbob!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Awwwww ❤ What a wonderful party ❤ The babies aged up so pretty, and I'm all smiley now 🙂 I'm glad Laurel didn't confront Quincy – it would have set so many relationships on the wrong foot, especially as he was so near being a young adult. Had it been an actual pregnancy, things would have been different.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad she listen to Kurt on this one. But trust me, she is not done meddling in Quincy’s and Daniella’s relationship just yet.

      I love to cook myself, and honestly I had so much fun in the kitchen with Laurel that day just whipping up food for the feast and cookies for all of her Club friends. I felt like we really bonded as Sim and creator that day.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. So she got bit by a vampire! Crazy for sure. But not turned. Loved all the pictures. It will be fun for Daniella and Quincy to get married. Wonder what Luca would think about that. If she moves out he will be alone. But I don’t think he will want Quincy there. Will they live with the Epsteins, Luca or have their own place? Hmmm. Of course Daniella is still a teen I think. You have MC so she and Quincy can continue their romantic relationship right?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have MCCC, yes. Luca does not want to be left alone, but he’s not against Daniella and Quincy being together. If anything, he sees it as an impetus to get his own romantic life together. We’ll see a little bit of that after they deal with the whole vampire fiasco.


    1. Thanks! When it happened I was so upset, but I quickly reminded myself that my story is mostly game driven, so I rolled with it.

      That mirror thing with the vampires looks so cool to me. I’m glad you appreciate it too.

      Liked by 1 person

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