Round 6, Chapter 30 [Blank]: Family Time


“Yes, Laurel, I can tell my story now. I have had ample time to think of one” said Bo. “Would you all like to hear about how my family has recently grown closer together? I fear it may not be as interesting as your stories, but I will get to tell you about my spouse and offspring.

“My wife Heaven works a lot, so she is not home much. My two offspring, Gem and Asa, do not seem to mind. They spend the majority of their free time together, and they are best friends as well as something they refer to as ‘Partners in Crime’,” said Bo.


“I spend a lot of time at home because I am a Stay-at-Home Dad. Did I say that correctly, Carmen?”

“You sure did, Bo,” said Carmen.

“I love that we have great representation from all family types and career options,” said Laurel. “Bo and I are stay-at-home parents, Carmen is an artist, Gavin is in politics, and Luca–wait, what is it that you do Luca?”

“What? What is it that I do? Well, the thing is, I could launch into a long story about that, regaling you all with tales from the office, but Bo has just started his story,” said Luca. “I don’t want to be rude.”

“Mmmm, you don’t say,” said Carmen giving Luca a sidelong glance.

“No, he’s right, I don’t want to be rude. Bo, please continue,” said Laurel.

“I have no trouble continuing my story from the exact point I stopped,” said Bo. “Much gratitude for your concern Laurel. As I stated, I am a Stay-At-Home Dad. That means I spend a lot of time with the offspring as well, helping with their homework, preparing their meals, gardening to grow the food they eat.”

“Ooooh! You garden too? That’s great,” said Carmen. “I’ll have to swing by one day and see if there’s anything you’re growing that I don’t have. Maybe we can swap?”

“I am happy to take part in your neighborly gardening rituals,” said Bo. “It is something I spend time doing, and I am growing fond of it. Aside from gardening, I also handle repairs around the house. It might surprise you to find out how frequently a family of four can break a shower or sink or toilet.”


“I decided that our family needs to spend more time together. Most Sims enjoy spending quality time with their families, to which Luca’s story attests,” said Bo. “I know my Heaven speaks frequently of her limited time with our offspring. I think it was when I was abducted that I decided I should make the most of my time with my family her on Ea–here in this new town we have just moved to.”

“Wait, what? You were abducted?” asked Luca. “Like kidnapped? By who? Was it the Bonannos? Or was it the Gambinos or Luccheses?”

Everyone stared at Luca for a second before Carmen spoke up. “Bo, do you mean aliens abducted you? Are you sure you want to tell this story?”

“It is fine,” said Bo. “But yes, it was aliens, not an Italian mob. I have never been abducted by aliens before, but I hear it is something that happens here.”

“Yes,” said Laurel. “I heard the same thing. They said that men can get pregnant when it happens, but I don’t know anyone it happened to.” Everyone looked at Bo’s stomach just to double check.

“I am not pregnant,” said Bo. “Do not worry about that. The alien abduction did remind me of why I am here, and that is to make a great life with my family, as well as make friends with Sims. This is why I gladly accepted Laurel’s invitation into this club.”


“After my abduction, I tried to plan the best way to better reach my goals, but I did not have to work too hard. My wife’s friend from work, Candy Behr, invited us over to hang out the very next afternoon.”


“Oh, I know Candy,” said Carmen. “Isn’t her last name Holiday now?”

“Yes, it is,” said Bo. “She married a woman named Summer Holiday. Summer is one of the first friends I made after we lande–moved here. She has a little girl now named Brenda, though I believe her pregnancy was before her marriage. It matters not because they are a really great family. Heaven and I were pleased to discover her work friend was married to my friend who always takes her walks near our house.”


“Wait, your wife’s name is Heaven, and your couple friends are named Candy and Summer?” asked Luca with a smirk on his face.

“Yes,” said Bo. “That is correct. Is there something of note concerning those names?”

“No,” said Luca. “Don’t mind me, finish your story.”

“Thank you,” said Bo. “While Heaven was talking to Candy and Summer, I called Asa and Gem over so they could meet little Brenda. They got along from the start, bonding over Simder–”

“Oh, that movie makes me cry every time,” said Carmen. “Doesn’t that movie just make you cry?”

“I can confirm all three cried while watching Simder,” said Bo. “After the movie, we sat and chatted until it was time for all the mothers to head to work.”


“After Candy, Summer, and Heaven left for work, I took the children over to Carmen’s to hang out for a bit. She always has cake and cookies, and I did not want to leave Brenda home alone.”

“I sure do,” said Carmen. “And they actually taste good now, y’all. Feel free to stop by any time. No need to call first.”


“That weekend, we spent Saturday at the park. Heaven had to work, but we invited the Holidays along with another friend of mine, Salim Benali, to spend the day with us.”

Bo paused and everyone looked at Carmen, expecting her to have something to share about Salim. She just chuckled and said, “ah, we’ve finally found someone I don’t know. He must not be into karaoke, dance parties, or park picnics.”


“The kids ran off to play on the jungle gym while the adults talked,” said Bo.

“Robyn and Brooklyn joined them before long. Laurel, I had no idea that Robyn had aged up to Teen.”


“Yes, just last week in fact,” said Laurel. “She went easy on me because I was pregnant and didn’t want a big birthday party. I’m sure we’ll have to make up for it when she becomes a Young Adult. It’s nice to have more help around here though. With Emilie becoming a toddler soon, I don’t have to figure out a nanny situation.”

“You are right about Robyn,” said Bo. “She is a big help. She played a Sea Monster alongside me and I know that made the play time even more enjoyable for my offspring.”


“We had so much fun with the Holidays that we invited them out again the next day to go to the flea market with us.”


“You know I love the flea market,” said Carmen. “We’ll have to go together some time. What did you buy?”

“Heaven got another promotion at work, this time to Opening Act,” said Bo. “We used her bonus to upgrade the appliances in our kitchen and to get a sofa rather than a loveseat for the living room. We were still able to have a few Simoleons to spend at the flea market. There was not much there besides seats and lamps, but we finally decided to purchase a small lamp that looked like an alien as depicted in most Sim cartoons. Asa and Gem loved it.”


“We spent the rest of the day with the Holidays, and it really felt like we were a connected family. I was pleasantly surprised to find that you don’t have to distance yourselves from others to feel close to your family. I look forward to even more time with my family, and other families we befriend.”

“That was a great story Bo,” said Laurel. “I think we have learned a great deal about each other and I’m so glad each of you wanted to be a part of this. I think we can go ahead and stop here and call this a successful first club gathering.”

“I agree! This was so much fun,” said Carmen.

“I have some ideas for our next gathering,” said Laurel. “What would you all say to bringing your families out to all hang out together some time next weekend? Emilie will have aged up to Toddler by then and can travel.”

“Sounds good to me,” said Gavin. “My grandparents loved you, and I think they will enjoy meeting the rest of you as well.”

“The Blanks will happily join,” said Bo. “Our family bonding time is open to include other families.”

“I know Daniella will come,” said Luca. “I’ll just lead with, ‘Quincy will be there.'”

“Well, y’all know it’s just me, so I’m in,” said Carmen. “Maybe one of these days I’ll get me a family, but until then, I’ll be there enjoying your families!”

11 thoughts on “Round 6, Chapter 30 [Blank]: Family Time

  1. Bo is my favorite by far. Well, and Luca. I find them both so funny – Bo calling his kid offspring and almost giving away that he’s an alien and Luca having to hide his career while refusing to wear a shirt. xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you like them. It’s fascinating to me to hear about everyone’s favorites and why.

      I think Bo could benefit from Remedial Alien Hiding 101. At least Luca hasn’t let on about his career yet. There’s only so long he can do that though…


  2. I love how he keep using the word offspring even though he’s been hanging out with another parent and he probably know that word was not used a lot by parent. Also love all the update from his friend.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Robyn is so beautiful, wow! 🙂 I always love reading Bo’s dialogue. His voice is so funny! I’m really intrigued to see what happens when everyone gets together!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Bo, I’m impressed! You didn’t fully slip up 😀 Plus that was an adorable story, and I’m so happy that Candy and Summer are married and have a daughter! So sweet ❤
    (Robyn is so pretty, wow!)
    It'll be interesting to see the whole families meet up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Robyn aged up well, I agree. When I first made the family in the game, I made Kurt then I made Laurel. Then I used the DNA to make a teenage son and child daughter. I never tested Robyn as a teen in Create a Sim because I wanted to be surprised. Now I’m really excited for the younger siblings to see what they will look like.

      Bo never really gets a chance to talk uninterrupted. I I don’t know why, but as I was writing in his voice, it just felt right for everyone else to keep interrupting him and asking clarifying questions and chiming in with their own anecdotes. Maybe it’s because he’s a loner and they feel the need to help push the conversation forward, even when it’s supposed to be a monologue, LOL.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. That will be interesting. Bo was so funny – almost messing up so many times. If Heaven would have been there she would have freaked out. And Carmen – she wants a family so bad.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Carmen really does want a family. We’ll see how she goes about achieving it. And yes, Bo is digging himself into a deeper and deeper hole. We’ll see how Heaven handles that when the inevitable happens.


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