Round 6, Chapter 29 [Ralston]: Being Just Friends Is Better Than Dating


“I think I should go next, since Carmen brought up my disastrous date,” said Gavin. “Also, my story doesn’t involve any of Laurel’s children. Meeting new people in a new town isn’t always easy, as I’m sure everyone here but Carmen can attest to. I got lucky getting hooked up with you people. And I could use some luck because no one told me that my first date in a new town shouldn’t be with my landlord.”

He laughed along with everyone else before he got into his story. Saying it aloud confirmed it. Who goes on a date with their landlord? He told them about being asked out by his landlord, Shanaya Raghavan, who seemed nice enough at first. They went to the same restaurant in Windenburg where Bo and Laurel buried the hatchet. Gavin was silly enough to bring up politics within the first five minutes. Let’s just say they didn’t share the same political leanings.


When Gavin tried to apologize and suggest they just remain friends, that only made things worse.


Finally, Gavin gave up and called Carmen, telling her he was headed over and was in dire need of some karaoke. Carmen cracking a joke about her poisonous dinner brought a smile to his face, even as Shanaya continue to glare at him. Part of him worried that she might make trouble for his family, she was his landlord after all. He crossed his fingers and hoped that after she calmed down, everything would be alright.


Gavin then spoke of going for a jog around the neighborhood, hoping to meet new people.


He ended up at the basketball court, somehow getting into another altercation with a woman who seemed nice until Gavin said something to set her off. He swore he didn’t bring up politics this time, but he was out of sorts because he’d just sprained his ankle trying to play basketball.


Gavin made another quick exit, this time joining his new friend Akira Kibo. They hit it off well and Gavin was happy to share an apartment key with him, which is a big deal to those who live in the city. Gavin hadn’t been on any more dates, but he’d spent a lot of time with Akira, which helped take his mind off the fact that he seemed to piss off every woman who might want to date him.

“Hey! you didn’t give me a key to your apartment, I thought I was your friend,” joked Carmen. “It’s fine, I can tell you and Akira have a special bond, I’m not jealous.”

Laurel: So much for hooking those two up.

“Alright! We’re glad Gavin is settling in nicely in San Myshuno, and we’re happy to give him even more new friends! Though no promises on our political stances, heh heh,” said Laurel. “Last up is Bo Blank. I’ve never met your wife or children, though my Robyn speaks highly of them, so I’m excited to hear what you’re going to share with us.”

14 thoughts on “Round 6, Chapter 29 [Ralston]: Being Just Friends Is Better Than Dating

  1. I mean, if you’re not on board with politic you might as well end it. Hehe. I love all the Carmen and Gavin shipping in the comments. Okay, let me have my ship pun list. I definitely “anchorage” him to go for her. Okay, that’s pretty bad when it’s written hehe.

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  2. Poor Gavin! Doesn’t sound like he’s having the best luck with the ladies! (Also, is it awful that I couldn’t help but notice that he has a nice butt in those screenshots? LMAO)

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  3. I’m glad he and Carmen are such good friends! It’s important to have people you can rely on for a quick escape excuse 🙂 Plus, Akira seems lovely 🙂 I don’t meet him much in my games, but he’s never made a bad impression.
    What on earth (or Sixam) is Bo going to say..?

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    1. Terrible idea for a first date. In his defense, she asked him out. Guess she liked what she saw when he was signing the lease. And it helped confirm for him he has no luck with the ladies.


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