Author’s Note #6: The Pen Pal Project

Author’s Note: The chances of me double posting in one day are sooooooooo rare, yet here I am. My neighborhood rotation is a mix of story-driven, character-driven, and game-driven. It just so happens that something unexpected that happened in the game that lends itself perfectly to a new idea suggested to me by CathyTea.

Her idea is for pen pals. Lots of Sims across lots of stories will write to each other and share their lives. I find it an incredibly intriguing idea, though I couldn’t decide which of my Sims might participate. I went to the Sims forum thread for the pen pals, and I found a Sim that caught my attention and will fit in perfectly with the direction my story is about to take.

I decided that Daniella Holloway will be my Sim I use for the pen pal project. I must admit, she’s one of my favorite Sims I’ve ever created, but I haven’t really had a bunch of opportunities to dig into her because of the way the rotation is setup. I’m hoping that I can show more of her through her letters to a Sim on another hard drive.

Step one to join the pen pal project is to post your online application, so that’s just what I’m gonna do. If I get the pen pal I want, or even if I end up with a different one, I’ll begin to incorporate that into the Holloways’ story going forward.

The Pen Pal Project Online Application

Name: Daniella Holloway

Select your age bracket: Teen, but I’m aging up to Young Adult soon. I can’t wait to be a grown up and leave high school so I can get a job, that way Luca and I can stop relying on our father to help pay the bills.

Profession: High School Student, Adult Career still to be determined, hopefully something that helps this Geek work on her Nerd Brain aspiration.

How many pen pals are your interested in acquiring?  Just one. I don’t see how I’ll have time for more as I’m soon to join a huge family.

What qualities do you seek in a pen pal? Someone who does not live a humdrum life, perhaps some danger or adventure that I can read about and enjoy living vicariously through. But also someone who doesn’t mind hearing about my humdrum life. I don’t imagine my life will be fast paced or particularly adventurous, so someone who wants a glimpse into a “normal” life would be a good match for me.

Do you have a desire to meet your pen pal face-to-face? Sure, but it’ll be interesting to see how that would work. I don’t want a pen pal who lives nearby, but all the towns in our world aren’t more than a short drive away. And I don’t know of anywhere outside of these towns. Maybe an Earth 2 type of thing is what has to happen?

Please describe, in as much detail as possible, your reason for wanting to join the pen pal project: My brother and I live in Windenburg, all the way out on the shore. There isn’t ANYONE there except him. I swear there’s like a curse on our house or something, no one ever stops by to see us, like ever. I’m about to escape this isolation when I marry my high school sweetheart Quincy Epstein, but I’ll be with his family, all seven of them, and let’s just say… I don’t yet feel a part of the family. I still haven’t made any close friends here, so having someone who’s just my friend, who I don’t have to share with everyone else, well that sounds lovely to me. I just want someone to talk to who has interesting stories to tell.


12 thoughts on “Author’s Note #6: The Pen Pal Project

  1. I am doing the pen pal project and it has been fun. It really helps you get to know your characters better. Now that I know Daniella I will need to catch up on her letters!

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  2. She seems absolutely lovely! I just read CathyTea’s comment, and now I know she’s in your rotation I’m gonna have to put that on my ‘next to read’ list 🙂

    P.S. When I read that there were seven members of his family, my mind instantly went to ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ – I’m sure it’s nothing like that, but it made me laugh.

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  3. Hi! I figured you didn’t see my question of the forums so I thought I’d ask here because I’m fifteen posts away from being a member and can’t PM you yet. Should Sienna write Daniella first, or do you want Daniella to write her? Either way is fine with me.

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