Author’s Note #5: I’m Clearly A Bit Lost As To How To Actually Do This

Once again, I’m changing what I’m doing. I had fun with the Blanks for a week. I even screenshotted and outlined an entire 7 chapters for the Epsteins. But then I just couldn’t bring myself to write it out. It felt like too much.

Adding San Myshuno then toddlers then vampires to the Sims just felt like too much to keep up with. Staying with one family for 7 posts, and only posting once every three days (when I could even write the posts quick enough in advance) just seemed to not give them each enough time to both shine and stay in your memories.

All my families seem so disconnected from each other. This idea of them being like the families from All My Children only works over time, I know, but I needed a way to bring them together now.

Since I intended to focus on the Epsteins next, I decided to stay with Laurel, and had her create a club, which you just read about in the last two chapters.

This club obviously won’t include all the members of each household. The Epsteins are 6 with one on the way, so that wouldn’t work. But there’s a representative from each household/family in the club.

I haven’t decided what this club will do. It might just function as a way to get all the families in one room while they tell stories of their lives. It would certainly help me pare down what I choose to screenshot and add story to.

Eh, who knows?

The only thing I know for sure is that my next chapter will be an introduction to Gavin Ralston, and his grandparents. They will be the San Myshuno family in this neighborhood rotation.


If you are still reading this story, and sticking with me, thank you. I know it’s been all over the place, and I appreciate your patience while I’m finding my voice and rotation pattern. Hopefully it keeps getting better and not the other way around.

3 thoughts on “Author’s Note #5: I’m Clearly A Bit Lost As To How To Actually Do This

  1. A club is a great way to tie together the various folks ! I’ve also found that the Pen Pal Project helps me make connections in a rotation , which is something I often find challenging . We’ve got slots in the project and new Sims and Simmers waiting for pen pals , if you want to have your Sims join !

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