Round 5, Chapter 25 [Epstein]: Recruiting for Laurel’s Culture Club

Laurel threw up in the bathroom, checked her makeup in the mirror, then pulled out her phone to make this club thing happen. The timing was perfect as school was about to start for the day. All the spouses would be at work, all the kids would be at school.

Laurel tried to think of a club description, and she felt it sounded a bit Want Ad-y, but she went with it anwyay.

This club is for unique and interesting Sims who bring some spice and/or mystery to the world around them. With their cultures and personality, they each herald from a different neighborhood and are ready to share what they have to offer with you!

The icon was easier to choose. Since the club was supposed to be unique and spicy, fire was the only option for the hottest new club. Thinking of a club name was harder for Laurel, especially with pregnancy brain. She ended up going with “Cultural Spice of Life.” She felt it was a bit on the nose, and sounded like a cooking club, but oh well.

After picking a name, she decided they’d just hang out at any of the club member’s homes. What better way to get to know each other really well? She also had an idea for what to do if they ever needed to hold a special meeting, but that would come later…

Carmen and Bo both agreed to be in the club right away, but Luca Holloway and Gavin Ralston didn’t immediately say yes. She knew she’d have to make an appeal in person.

First, she visited the Holloway home in Windenburg. She knocked on the door and the flutter of nervousness stood out distinctly from all the other feelings in her stomach. Laurel wasn’t sure why she was nervous, after all she was only knocking on the door of a near-complete stranger and future in law, hoping to make a good impression on him.


He invited her in, and the first thing Laurel noticed was that the Holloways still had their holiday decorations up. Luca must be younger than she thought, or either not very responsible.


The she took a lot at Luca. She froze for a minute.

Laurel: Is he seriously not wearing a shirt? What grown up does that as part of his normal clothes??


Then Luca smiled and waved at her. He looked very friendly and it completely disarmed her.

Laurel: Do not flirt with the half naked man while you’re pregnant, Laurel. Or better yet, not at all!


She introduced herself, and though his smile faltered a bit when she explained who she was, he perked back up when she explained why she was visiting him unannounced.

Luca: She wants to me join the random club and spend time at the homes of several random Sims?! If the rest are as rich as Daniella tells me these Epsteins are, the boss is gonna love this. I think I can get over having to spend social time with all these people if it means easy access to case their homes for my crew.

To Laurel, he simply said, “I think it’s a great idea for us to get to know each other better, seeing as how we may end up family one day. And having extra reasons to travel around different parts of world sounds great. Make yourself at home.”


“Better yet, why don’t I join you at the bar,” added Luca.

He wasn’t advancing as quickly as he’d like at his job with Mob Wives, so this might be the perfect score to boost him up the ladder. He wondered what kind of housewife Laurel was. If she was the lonely type, a bit of flirting might make his life even easier.

Just as Luca was choosing which flirt action to take, Laurel announced she was pregnant.

Luca: Nope, not going there, obviously her husband doesn’t leave her lonely.

“That’s great, congratulations. Daniella loves kids, so she’ll make a great aunt to all her future siblings’ future children.”


Laurel was pleased this was going so well. She ignored the Flirt Interactions that kept coming up as options every time she considered a social interaction with Luca. Instead, she got to her point since she had somewhere else to be before the kids got home from school.

“Would you like to make your membership in this club official Luca?”

“You bet I would, Laurel. Thanks for stopping by, and good luck with the young lad in San Myshuno,” Luca replied smoothly.


Laurel knew she was on a tight schedule, but the pregnancy had taken it’s toll and she needed just a brief nap. The bench outside Gavin’s brownstone seemed perfect for it.


She woke up and briefly took in the beauty. She’d never been a city girl, but even she could appreciate the impressiveness of the brownstone  building.


Luckily before she went too far, she realized she was in front of the wrong building. Gavin’s building was a more traditional brownstone, and she headed up to the apartment.


She got off the apartment upstairs and realized… she didn’t know which apartment belonged to Gavin and his grandparents.


She knocked on Door #1.


As soon as she was let into the apartment, she knew it was the wrong one.


Laurel quickly left.


She knocked on Door #2. No one was home.


She knocked on Door #3, and as soon as she entered, she knew she was in the right place.


Gavin’s grandparents, Cristian and Kenya greeted her and turned out to be very friendly.


His grandmother didn’t even mind when pregnancy nap time took over again. She simply made a salad for Laurel to help herself after her nap while she waited for Gavin to come home from work.


Finally Gavin arrived while Laurel was eating. They didn’t take an immediate liking to each other like Laurel and Luca had, but they were cordial enough.


Gavin seemed most excited by the prospect of seeing more of his new world, and getting to meet a lot of new people. He thought as highly of Carmen Butler as she thought of him. Laurel wondered if they would like to be setup with each other.


Gavin got up to clean the table, and Laurel took that as her cue to make her exist. She had to get home anyway to make sure the kids got their homework done and were ushered into bed.


On arriving home, she got the good new that Kurt received another promotion at work. This time it was regional manager, which meant that his income would at least cover the cost of the butler now. She was pleased that they wouldn’t spend so much of the inheritance so fast.


Laurel went to sleep with pleasant thoughts in her head of the new club. And she wondered if her next nooboo would be a boy or girl. Just please, Creator, let it not be another set of twins.



8 thoughts on “Round 5, Chapter 25 [Epstein]: Recruiting for Laurel’s Culture Club

    1. Lol, no it’s not Bob’s. They never consummated their relationship. Though I have to watch Laurel. For not being a flirty or romantic Sim, she sure seems to have romantic interactions in her top available choices a lot, lol.


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