Chapter 23: Happy Holidays From The Dreams And Drama Neighborhood Rotation

Hello all! If you read my personal blog, you know I have been failing spectacularly at the holidays this year. Luckily, that failure isn’t translating over to my wonderful families in my neighborhood rotation. I’m trying to keep each family’s holiday celebration in line with who they’ve been up to this point, whether they have the money for decorations or not!

Carmen Butler

Carmen sat down on her couch, smiling at the memory of the ugly sweater party she’d just attended. She was happy to have so many new friends to spend time with. She was really looking forward to the holiday dinner the Upper Crusts were throwing the next day.

Carmen was sad a few days ago as she knew there was no way she’d be able to afford traveling home to celebrate with her family. Then a package arrived in the mail. It was a beautiful wooden Kinara for Kwanzaa. There was also a letter, signed by everyone, stating that she might as well set it up, but she wouldn’t get to use it until next year, and out fell a round trip plane ticket!

Carmen setup her Kinara, lit one candle just to see what it looked like if she were home for the first day. Umoja, which is Swahili for Unity, was always her favorite principle of Kwanzaa.


The Blanks

Heaven Blank once again felt apart from her family. She wasn’t interested in getting a silly holiday hat, so she was the only one without it.


And their living room didn’t have enough enough seats, so they couldn’t pose properly for a family Christmas photo, but then she looked at the Christmas tree and felt better.


She was the reason they had the tree, the reason they had any decorations at all. Somehow, she’d managed to stretch her bonus from her promotion to get a tree, decorations for outside, and even a nice centerpiece for the dining room table.


Asa and Gem were thinking about how they wished they’d moved somewhere with winter, but hopefully the Creator would add weather soon. Bo was just grateful that the kids approved of the decorations. They pulled off the look of the perfect lower middle class Sim Christmas. No one looking in on them would suspect they were aliens from Sixam.


The Epsteins

When Laurel pulled out the menorah, the same one she and Kurt had since their first Hanukkah back in Bridgeport, everyone but Robyn smiled in anticipation. Robyn felt like they weren’t doing enough to fit in to their new neighborhood. After some back and forth, they settled on a compromise.

12-09-16_2-53-18-pm 12-09-16_2-53-34-pm 12-09-16_2-53-59-pm 12-09-16_2-56-40-pm 12-09-16_2-59-16-pm

Lots of blue and white decorations, a “New Year’s tree” in honor of their Russian ancestors, and everything on the first floor so as to not overwhelm the new butler with upkeep.

12-09-16_4-19-47-pm 12-06-16_10-48-25-pm 12-06-16_10-48-06-pm 12-06-16_10-47-29-pm 12-09-16_2-35-47-pm

Laurel was just grateful she’d finally finished the redecoration of the entire house. Even though it looked a little over-the-top to her in terms of holiday decorations, it at least looked like a home for the Epsteins: bright, warm, and full of room for lots of family.


The Holloways

Not wanting to get into another fight about their father, Daniella didn’t fight it when he gave Luc money for Christmas.She knew Luc wouldn’t go so far as to get a tree, but she was pleasantly surprised when he went so far as to get a large wreath right in his line of sight when he was watching TV.


As far as she was concerned, it was a Christmas miracle! Sure, the decorations might be a little generic, like the purchases of someone clearly not familiar with celebrating Christmas, but it was better than nothing.


They struggled to get their Christmas photo just right though. They never smiled at the same time. It was just a picture to send to their family, so they just picked one and went with it. Their quiet, country Christmas was simpler than Daniella wanted, but she was happy to just have her and her brother there, both in happy mood, both enjoying the family time.

12-09-16_1-33-37-pm 12-09-16_1-33-44-pm

10 thoughts on “Chapter 23: Happy Holidays From The Dreams And Drama Neighborhood Rotation

    1. Carmen celebrates Christmas and Kwanzaa. The Epsteins celebrate Chanukah. The Blanks aren’t really celebrating, they just put up the decorations the Sim manual suggested. The Holloways are having a full fledged secular Christmas, Santa and Frosty et al, lol.


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