Round 4, Chapter 22 [Blank]: Secret Monsters

This evening at the Blanks went like most: Bo out with friends if he wasn’t home being very domestic, the offspring chatting happily with each other if they weren’t doing homework, and Heaven with her guitar and not speaking much to anyone.


Gem was snacking on a cookie at the dining room table, but soon joined Asa in the living room. Heaven continued playing, seemingly lost in her own world and not paying much attention to her offspring. They were used to it and carried on as if nothing was wrong because nothing was wrong.


They chatted about how Gem was going to get the next free spot in the League of Adventurers.


They chatted about they’d each befriended the monster under their beds. Now, instead of fright when the monsters appeared, they got excited to play with them.


They’d lost a lost of sleep this past week, up late playing with the monsters before kindly asking them to leave so they could get some sleep.


Asa was particularly proud of befriending the monster under his bed that Gem had no luck with. Their mother was up for a promotion soon and she intended to buy them all new beds with her bonus.


They worried they would have to start over with brand new monsters that were likely to come with their brand new beds. Since everyone expected Heaven to get a promotion after her next shift, they went to bed early that night to enjoy their last evening with their monster friends.


Sunday morning came and Bo woke early to make pancakes for the family.Heaven was already asleep when he got back home from the Love Festival.

He couldn’t wait to tell her over breakfast what the love guru said about their relationship. He felt his first attempt at making pancakes had gone okay, but weird smell from the fridge left him worried.

The family set down to eat together and Heaven was the last to the table.


Bo noticed she was barely looking at him.


Wanting to talk about the weird feeling in the air, but not wanting to talk about it in front of the offspring, he instead let himself get swept up in stories of the League of Adventurers and the Renegades, as well as stories of under-the-bed monsters who really weren’t so  bad after all.


After the pancakes, which unfortunately no one seemed to really enjoy, Asa and Gem headed out to their small pool in the backyard. They reminded each other than when around non-family members, they’d have to wait 30 minutes before swimming so as to not get a cramp.

12-01-16_2-59-15-pm 12-01-16_2-59-20-pm

Once the children left, Asa turned to Heaven, eager to finally talk to her alone. All she said was, “we’ll talk later, you’re in big trouble, I can’t believe you’re trying to ruin the mission.” Then she left, several hours early for work.

Bo was shellshocked.

Bo: What does she know and how?! I’m not sure if I should make a full confession or not. I don’t even know what the punishment would be back on Sixam for ruining the mission. We did so well on their preparation assessments, no one even bothered to worry that we might do something other than excel at the mission.

Bo went to his favorite spot on the couch and stared at the cooking channel, hoping something would sink in and his cooking would improve.


Outside, Asa and Gem played and splashed in the water.


They had fun building motor skill, plus it took their minds off the impending departure of their under-the-bed friends.


After swimming, they headed back inside.


Gem wasn’t sure what made her do it, but she made a beeline for her father and gave him a big hug.


Asa also came over and began telling him a funny story about the look on Gem’s face when he splashed her in the pool.


The three of them sat and watched the cooking channel until Heaven returned from work.


She received her promotion as expected. The family quickly switched to Build Mode and replaced all three beds in the house. They even had enough money left over to get a Void Critters game for Asa and Gem.

12-01-16_3-36-35-pm 12-01-16_3-36-57-pm

Announcing she was tired, Heaven went off to bed by herself–again. Asa and Gem were hesitant to head to bed, trying to prolong the inevitable. Bo wasn’t sure what to do, he just knew he had to talk to Heaven, and he had to do it soon.

Even though she was usually woman of few words, this was too few. He thought about sharing his secret, but he didn’t know what she knew. If it was something small, and this was how she reacted, he felt he was probably right in keeping things from her. He stayed up watching the cooking channel after everyone else had gone to bed. He fell asleep on the couch, dreaming about what Heaven would say when she finally decided tot talk to him.

8 thoughts on “Round 4, Chapter 22 [Blank]: Secret Monsters

  1. Oh,boy! I hope they’re able to work it out ! And were there new monsters with new beds? I was thinking it would be like leftovers . … new fridge , same food !


    1. Lol, great question! I actually don’t know. Buying the new beds was the last thing I did before switching families. Have to wait until I get back around to them to find out if they’re already friends with the monsters under the new beds.

      Liked by 1 person

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