Round 4, Chapter 21 [Blank]: Blending In With The Group

The following morning after their secret chat in the kitchen, Asa stuck to his word and called over the friends from one of his clubs. Gem felt she wisely chose the League of Adventurers. The Renegades had teenagers in it and they just seemed a bit intimidating.

Gem did her part and joined some strangers across from the monkey bars. They were grilling up lunch, and took no issue with the friendly girl joining them for a bite.


Inside the house, Gem was unable to eat her breakfast in peace. Lucas Munch, one of the Adventurers, stayed in the house rather than joining the other children outside.

“Hiya, Mrs. Blank. Have you seen Mr. Blank? I was hoping I could ask him about the mind control trick for my birthday party.”

Heaven froze with her fork halfway to her mouth.


Lucas continued, saying something like “Mr Blank looked so cool with his mind trick he did on that lady and when he said he was practicing for Asa and Gem’s birthday, why I just knew I had to have it too, but my parents can’t find anyone. Do you know when he’ll be home so I can ask what my parents should do to get that for my party?”

Heaven, cool as ever, responded that Mr. Blank had gone to the love Festival with some friend and she herself had to head to work, but if she found out, they’d let his parents know so his party would be a success.

Heaven: I’m going to kill him! Confessing a Sixamian secret when he’s been hiding this! Showing how many different Sims that he’s an alien?! Being careless enough that a child would notice?! I need to take time and decide how I will handle this.


Back by the monkey bars, Asa put his plan into action. He gave the signal, which was dangling upside down from the monkey bars. The other Adventurers played behind him, amused at what they assumed was him showing off his developing skills.


In the other direction, Gem noticed the signal and said her goodbyes to the lunch time grillers.


Gem joined Asa, who by this point had come down to the ground and struck up a conversation with Elsa, the leader of the club.


“I love you so much brother! I love spending so much time with you and having so much fun with you all the time,” said Gem, directing her words more at Elsa than Asa.

“Yes, me too! Come with me over here, there’s something special we must do,” exclaimed Asa in reply.

While Elsa watched, they moved to the other side of the monkey bars and hugged, becoming BFFs right in front of everyone.


“She’s still watching, I think she’s smiling,” whispered Gem as she took a peek at Elsa.


Asa turned at looked at Elsa, confirming she was watching.

“No! Don’t look, be cool,” admonished Gem.


“Hey, I’m always cool, it’s why I get invited to all the clubs.”

Gem gave a fake laugh that she hoped look genuine.


Gem opened her mouth to retort, a fake smile on her face. Before she could speak, she heard Elsa’s voice.

“You two are so sweet. I wish my sister were closer in age to me, then maybe we’d be best friends too,” she said wistfully. “I tell you what Gem, I want you to be in our club.”

“Really?” responded Gem, happy that their plan worked so well.

“Why of course. And you’ll get in–as soon as a spot opens up. I’m afraid we’re full at the moment.

Gem turned to Asa and shrugged. She tried to smile, but the plan wasn’t exactly to get her to the top of the waiting list.


Elsa called all the Adventurers to the monkey bars. They were discussing something that Else longed to get closer to hear.

She decided against moving closer when she noticed a readhead trying to join their jungle gym.

Gem: How rude! If she’s trying to get in with this club, she’s made the wrong move. I think I’ll just stay here, I’m not trying to lose my place in line to join the club.


Elsa, not looking down from her book, spoke to Gem.

“Okay, it’s all settled. We’re using some of the point we’ve earned today to make our club famous rather than infamous. Our next points will be used to add a member because we really want you in our club. We’ve decided that’s better than waiting for one of us to age up. All of our birthdays are really far away, and we don’t want to wait that long. Having you with Asa, and us, is something we can all agree on. How does that sound?”

Gem noticed the smile slip a bit on the face of the redheaded girl.

Gem: Better luck next time, perhaps when one of us ages up.



“That sounds great! Thanks everyone,” replied Gem.



Bo got invited by one of his friends to go check out the Love Festival in San MyShuno. He invited Laurel Epstein and her son Quincy, plus Carmen Butler and Summer Holiday.


He was amazed at everything he laid his eyes on.

He’d never gone into the city before, but was pleasantly surprised to learn his friends had been correct in saying the time spent travelling to San Myshuno was worth it. The love festival had its own kind of fun, kicked off by the love guru rushing upon them to throw rose petals in the air, showering down on some unsuspecting Sim.


Bo spoke with the Love Guru, who ensured him his relationship was one for the ages.


He tried to throw rose petals over Laurel Epstein, but ended up throwing them at her. He said a quick apology and moved on.


He tried again with Summer Holiday and was much more successful.


Behind him, some woman he didn’t know, who he could’ve sworn was glowing soft pink, showered Carmen Butler with rose petals. He thought her shower was the best he’d seen, but he continued to talk to Summer, choosing to ignore for now the stranger’s glow.


Bo bought a t-shirt and snow globe from the concession.

12-01-16_2-24-34-pm 12-01-16_2-25-00-pm

He also bought something he had to eat with chopsticks.

12-01-16_2-26-56-pm 12-01-16_2-27-07-pm

His Sim training had left out how to use chopsticks, and he was embarrassed, but was pleased to see he wasn’t the only one struggling. He sat at the table near the woman who was glowing.


That’s when he noticed that several people had highly visible auras around them.

12-01-16_2-29-18-pm 12-01-16_2-29-02-pm

Bo: Maybe they’ve been affected by the flirty vibe of the festival and that’s why they are glowing soft pink. I can’t tell if they’re aliens or not, but in light of my new self-control, I’m just going to behave like everyone else. If any of the glowing people are indeed aliens, it is best to discover each other in some other way than in the middle of a festival surrounded by Sims.


He headed home from the festival, thinking of how proud of him his wife would be if she knew he’d chosen not to reveal himself as an alien to anyone.

8 thoughts on “Round 4, Chapter 21 [Blank]: Blending In With The Group

  1. I got very nervous when Bo ended up at the love festival with Summer… but even though nothing bad happened there, I have a feeling Heaven won’t be so happy when he gets home! Love the irony in the last line of this chapter 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bo is just full of little ironies. If he can justify his behavior in his own mind, then it stands in isolation from what he knows external expectations are.

      Bo keeps getting invited out places, and has so much free time on his hands, so I often have him except. And summer has a lot of free time on her hands as well, so he usually brings her along. I feel like going to the romance Festival together with nothing autonomously romantic happening has solidified them in a platonic friendship. Honestly, it made me relieved because I didn’t want Bo to have an affair.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Heaven isn’t really the confront-your-lying-husband-in-a-dramatic-way type. She’s more chill than that. She figures he’ll eventually confess, get caught, or get away with it. If he’s crafty enough for the third one, she just sees it as one less thing to worry about. She may be mad at what the kid revealed, but she’s not going to bring it up with Bo.

      Liked by 1 person

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