Round 4, Chapter 20 [Blank]: Making Theoretically Foolproof Plots and Plans


Bo reluctantly left Summer to go meet Laurel for lunch.


When they first arrived, he could feel how deeply he dislikes her and  he yelled at her before he could stop himself.


Bo apologized then considered his lack of self-control as of late. He decided to do better immediately. After all, he was invited out to reconcile, and if he wanted to keep his secret from his wife, he’d better make sure he started acting like the husband she knows, the one who is a Loner, but still somehow friendly with everyone.


Bo got them a table.


They sat down and just smiled pleasantly at each other at first. Bo wasn’t sure why Laurel changed out of her pink dress, but he intuitively felt she was being more herself now that she was in leggings and an apron.


“Okay, Bo Blank, I invited you here to bury the hatchet. My family is new to these parts, and I can’t have us feuding with any families, not even any families all the way in Newcrest,” started Laurel. “I hope you understand and are willing to help me improve our situation.”


Bo nodded his agreement. He picked up his menu.

“How about we look at the menu, order, and get to know each other a little better? I daresay we’ll find things in common to make us friends in no time.”

Laurel smiled gratefully as she picked up her menu.


Bo ordered quickly, he was eager to “get to know her,” and the quicker their conversation started, the sooner he’d get to the point where using the interaction Analyze was pointless.


Laurel took much longer with the menu. At first she just perused it will the waiter waited patiently.


The she asked questions about several menu items. Bo was hoping his irritation wasn’t showing on his face.


When she finally ordered, his irritation changed to amusement as she still continued looking through the menu.

Bo: Perhaps she is avoiding talking to me? It’s not like I have anything interesting to say. It’s not like I can tell her I already know all about her from when we first met before I wiped her memory.


They chatted amicably, both feeling the conversation was going well. The waiter brought their food.


“Looks great!” exclaimed Laurel. “I’ve never eaten here, but if it tastes as good as it looks, I must bring Kurt back here for our next date night.”

“Indeed, it looks amazing.” responded Bo.

Bo: What in the galaxy is datenight?? I’ll have to check our Sim manual when I get home. I must not ask her because she said it so casually, I think she might find me strange if I ask her. Maybe Asa will know, he seems to pick up on Sim things more intuitively than I do.


They each took a sip of their nectar, pleased at their selections.


With a glass of nectar in them, and wonderful food filling their bellies, they were soon laughing and charming each other as if they were friends.


Bo was in a very good mood. He felt warmer than he should. He worried that he was glowing green, betraying his emotions and alien nature.

Luckily, Laurel was a lightweight and her nectar was doing it’s job. She noticed he was an alien, but only mentioned he was an alien briefly and in a very matter-of-fact manner, and then kept going as if she were mentioning the Love Festival happening this weekend in San Myshuno.

Bo: Yet another person completely unconcerned with what I am. At this point, I’m wondering why this was even a precaution. I know going on anecdotal evidence alone is unwise, but I can’t help thinking this way.


Back home after lunch, Bo found himself in his favorite spot, watching some old movie rerun.

Asa and Gem were discussing school and his being asked to join the Renegades.


As they ate their after school snacks, Gem pretended she didn’t care, but Asa quickly saw through it.


Gem maintained that she didn’t want to join the club anyway because Max Villareal had a sense of humor she struggled to understand. If she had to act like Robyn, making fun back and forth like that, she didn’t want to be in the club.


Asa chuckled because she didn’t understand the club rules. He told her no one in Renegades actually made fun of each other, it was forbidden. Gem shrewdly deduced that just meant they directed their insults at others.


Asa changed the subject to the League of Adventurers. He’d been asked to join that club as well.


Gem, afraid of appearing jealous, changed the topic to her mother jogging. She noted that the only adult she’d never seen jogging around their house was their father Bo.

11-29-16_3-00-57-pmBo overheard the children talking about jogging, and thought back to his wife going jogging. He thought she looked great and didn’t see why she needed to exercise. Then he was hit with a thought that she wasn’t likely to say the same about him. He immediately left the house to go jogging.


Even though the kids were tired, they weren’t ready for another night of doing battle with the under-the-bed monsters just yet. Gem didn’t want to hear any more about clubs, so she went by herself to the kitchen to do her extra credit and hopefully raise her B to an A.


Asa joined her in the kitchen and immediately started talking about his clubs again. But this time she didn’t mind because he said he had a plan.


All she had to do is pick which one of his clubs she wanted to join.

7 thoughts on “Round 4, Chapter 20 [Blank]: Making Theoretically Foolproof Plots and Plans

  1. Ha. I was right. He wanted to be friends! Looks like it worked though I was a little worried at first. Asa seems to have no trouble making friends but Gem is struggling. Wonder if she will join one of the clubs.

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