Round 4, Chapter 19 [Blank]: Family Leaning On Each Other

Asa ran screaming from the bedroom he shared with his sister Gem.

It was bad enough they awoke most mornings with a backache from the cheap beds, now they had to awake each night with fear from the monsters under the bed?


Gem knelt by the bed, determined not to wake their mother. Their father was still out at the opera, so he couldn’t help.


She called Asa back in and told him to stay with her while she tried something. He sat on the bed on the far wall, and tried to pretend he wasn’t terrified.


Gem discovered the monster could understand her. She tried talking to it, to befriend it, but that didn’t work. She tried yelling at it to make it go away, but that didn’t work either. Asa stood up to get a better look.


Asa’s fear was rising again as he witnessed his sister’s failure. He ran from the room and ran smack into his father, who’d just returned from the opera.


Bo announced he had monster repelling spray, something he’d “acquired” from a “parenting guru.” The kids didn’t question this story.


Asa stayed in the hallway, too scared to come back in, but Gem made her way back in as her father was spraying. She sat on the opposite bed, watching him. She was skeptical as first, but all skepticism left when the monster retreated.

Her father didn’t seem to notice, and he didn’t stop spraying until she gleefully announced the monster’s departure.


Bo was relieved that Gem felt better. He didn’t know what was up with his offspring’s sudden fear of under-the-bed, but he was glad that for the moment, his precious female offspring felt better. He sat on the bed next to her, cuddled her, and told her everything was going to be alright.


“We might each have our way of handling things, but together, as a family, we’ll get through anything together, you know that right?” asked Bo.

Bo: Especially living the rest of our lives pretending to be Sims.


“Yes, I know it father,” replied Gem, leaning in even further.

Bo noticed her red glow of discomfort and fear. He decided now was not the time to lecture her on controlling her emotions.


Bo left feeling pleased with himself. Gem, while still uncomfortable, calmed down enough to finally get in bed.


Wouldn’t you know it, now the other bed in the room was smoking with the familiar tentacles reaching out. She’d had enough. She knelt and spoke very convincingly to this new monster about why they should be friends and stop all the fighting and scaring.


To her surprise, the monster responded well. Apparently, he had a daughter of his own as well, and he was happy to be friends with any Sim child that made her daddy happy.

Gem played with the monster, deciding it was best not to reveal to her new friend that she was not a real Sim, and feeling energized at the joy of a new night time friend. It wasn’t until Asa finally returned, NOT friends with the monster, did she ask him to leave so they could sleep.


The next morning, Heaven decided to go for a run, though she didn’t think she needed it. She was trying to set a good example for her husband Bo.

In her opinion, he wasn’t taking very good care of his Sim body. He spent a lot of time being very sedentary on the couch. Heaven wanted to fix it, but she wasn’t sure how to bring it up to him.


She people-watched as she ran.


Heaven noted the small Sim Robyn Epstein, who seemed to know and be friendly with everyone on the block. Heaven wondered why she couldn’t make friends like that. It must be easy if a Sim child could accomplish it.


As she ran, she thought some more. Heaven decided that perhaps the answer lie with her family. They helped her ease some of her maternal (or lack thereof) anxiety after she dealt with the monster issue that first night, so perhaps they could help now.

Both her children were friends with a number of Sim children and teenagers, and her husband had a lot of friends as well. Surely, they could help her figure out how to make friends without being so worried about accidentally revealing her Sixam heritage.


While Heaven was jogging and thinking, Bo was heading out the garden. He quickly abandoned his garden at the sight of Summer walking past.


He could see she was no longer pregnant and wondered about her offspring. He walked over to say hello and was about to settle into a lovely conversation about the weather.


Then his phone rang.


It was Laurel Epstein, inviting him out for lunch. He remembered how he’d met her, revealed himself as an alien to her, used her a his guinea pig for memory removal, then reintroduced himself all for them to end up heavily disliking each other. He considered whether it was worth it to leave Summer just to smooth things over with Laurel.

10 thoughts on “Round 4, Chapter 19 [Blank]: Family Leaning On Each Other

    1. Hey, who says Summer is uncomfortable? They’re actually making quite a nice friendship. She can’t hear his thoughts, she only sees how he behaves. And since he has enough sense to keep his hands to himself, she just thinks he’s the nice guy that she sees whenever she goes on her walk past his house.

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  1. I loved Gen befriending the monster! (And the monster having a daughter of his own) So cute! I wonder if Bo will accept Laurel’s invite!

    Liked by 1 person

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