Round 4, Chapter 18 [Blank]: Making Beds to Lie in Them

Heaven was taking a nap, like she sometimes did before heading to work in the evenings. Bo had the afternoon to himself, so he spent it the way he normally did when there was nothing to be done in the house or garden. He sat on the couch at became transfixed by the television.

Out the window, he saw a Sim he didn’t know.


Before he knew what he was doing, his legs had carried him out to the sidewalk in front of his house.


He called to her and she came walking back.


They greeted each other, all the while Bo’s mind was racing.

Bo:  If Heaven wakes up early, she’ll see me. She’ll wonder why a loner like me has been making so many friends. Maybe I should just go back inside.


They began to have a very friendly conversation about the weather.

Bo: Based on her reaction this time, I daresay she wouldn’t even be upset to hear what I’ve been up to. After all she’s only concerned that I don’t compromise the mission. We’re here for our children to marry and breed with the Sims, if a few of them know I’m an alien, what’s the harm?


The new stranger turned out to have a career in business. She was unmarried and very intrigued at the idea of him being a stay-at-home dad. She was dedicated to her career but also hoped to have a family one day.

Bo: It’s not like I’ve told anyone that I’m married to another alien and both our offspring are aliens. As long as no one finds out about Asa or Gem, the mission isn’t at risk. I think Heaven would understand. Maybe I should just tell her.


Before Bo even though about what he was doing, he chose the Empathize interaction. The Sim woman was predictably shocked by what had just happened.


She stared at him with wide eyes for a bit. Bo kept talking about how his wife handled balancing a career and a family.


Eventually, she smiled and said it was nice to meet him, but she had to go. He waved goodbye, and noticed the difference in her stride. She had the definite uptick in confidence that always accompanied someone who’d recently discovered what he was. Another success!

Bo: I’m not foolish enough to think they’ll all be happy about aliens and none of them will be xenophobic… But, still, they’ve all been good about it so far. Perhaps this mission needs adjusting.


Dozens of Sims walked past his window every day, but some caught his eyes more than others. Bo briefly remembered Summer’s skin and the other failed attempt at touching the other Sim that was interrupted by his offspring’s friend Lucas. his only hope was that the Sim child wouldn’t remember to expect mind readers at their birthday parties.

As he was considering what had just happened, he noticed the time. The offspring would be home from school soon, so he hurried back inside, agreed on the phone to go with a friend to see the opera later, then decided to take a nap because he’d also had insufficient sleep the night before.

Asa and Gem returned home from school. Gem was in a bad mood for two reasons: she was very sleepy after a night of dealing with monsters, and Asa had invited Olivia over after school.


Olivia was still a bossy pants and Gem wasn’t at all sure she enjoyed being friends with her.


She stood outside unhappily, only going in when Olivia showed up and basically told her to.


Asa and Olivia had a lot of fun that afternoon. First they played a staring contest.


Olivia won because Asa began laughing and unable to suppress it any longer. She smiled, pleased that she was a winner.


“So what do you want to do next?” he asked, wiping tears from his eyes.


“I want to play Void Critters,” responded Olivia excitedly. Asa’s face fell because they didn’t have void critters. Heaven had promised one after her next promotion, but it hadn’t happened yet.


Olivia didn’t seem to mind, she just shrugged and headed to the couch. His father was there, being weird, doing pushups. Gem was standing off to the side, making a big show of ignoring them all.

“I’m sorry for my family, Liv, they can be so weird sometimes,” Asa said,


“Don’t worry,” said Olivia. “It’s not like I think you’re all a bunch of aliens or anything.”

At this statement, Asa clapped his hands over his mouth.


“Chill out, we’re just being ourselves. No one is an alien, right father?”

“Erm… right! I just remembered I wanted to take a nap. One gets sleepy staying up all night fighting under-the-bed monsters. I’ll want to be well-rested before the opera tonight.”

Bo left the room while Gem ate a bowl of cereal and continue to ignore Asa and Olivia. Asa started on his homework, determined not to respond to any other oddities from his family. At the change of topic, Olivia went on and on about monsters and operas.


When it was time to leave for the opera, Bo took the back door out. He didn’t want to risk doing anything else that Asa might call weird in front of Olivia.


Gem was happy when Olivia finally left. She and Asa headed off to their rooms to go to sleep. Sure enough, they were soon awakened by the same monster under the same bed. But this time, their father wasn’t home to help.


8 thoughts on “Round 4, Chapter 18 [Blank]: Making Beds to Lie in Them

  1. XD nice save there, Asa!
    Poor kids, having the monster appear again. Hopefully one of their parents will find out about the monster-repelling light soon!

    (Bo, stop empathising with and trying to touch female sims. Not cool, dude.)

    Liked by 1 person

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