Round 4, Chapter 17 [Blank]: A Sixamian Secret Revealed

Standing in their kitchen, Bo had many thoughts swirling through his head. What actually came out is mouth was the last thing he expected to say.


“Heaven, please don’t be mad, but the risk of being exposed as being from Sixam is worth it sometimes, and if  you’ll hear me out you’ll understand,” started Bo. When Heaven didn’t interrupt him, she just looked shocked and speechless, he rushed to continue.


“It’s the garden, you see. The plants aren’t coming along as I’d hoped, and the Sim way is insufficient. I’d really like to evolve them using our way back home. I promise the food will be so much better if you allow this one indulgence. And it’s very unlikely anyone will see because I’ll be in the backyard. What do you say?”

Heaven leaned away from him, clearly not sure how to respond.


When she stood straight again, she was smiling.


“Oh husband, you had me scared! As long as  you do it when no one is around, I think it’s fine to break the rules just this once. Pretending to be a typical young family just starting out is honestly harder than I thought it would be. Our beds are cheap, our food is barely average, and we all have to share the one bathroom facility. You are not compromising the mission, so your secret is safe with me.”


“You are the best wife, and  you should look forward to better food, as soon as I’m able to evolve the plants and they grow new harvest,” said Bo.


Heaven was pleased at his compliment and began to serenade him to show her love in return. Her love of music existed partly because it gave her an outlet of expression she wouldn’t have otherwise.


Bo: Oh man, she is so sweet to me. Why did I start talking about gardens? Just because I saw my plants in the backyard and lost my nerve. But she was talking about compromising the mission. I know how important it is to her that we were chosen for this mission. Oh, what am I to do? Well, for starters, I’ll pay attention to her song.


After Heaven’s song is complete, her phone rings. She chats with a friend from work on the phone and moves outside in the garden to observe how hard Bo has been working to take care of his family. Growing their own produce was wise because it allowed them to more comfortably live on the small salary she made as a low level entertainer.


Heading back inside, Heaven attempted a fruit salad.


Heaven: Seems easy enough, chop assorted fruit, making sure to include strawberries from the garden. Stir it up, and you have a salad!


Heaven sat at the table, eating her salad, feeling like something was off.


Her conversation with Bo left her feeling off, though she couldn’t quite put her finger on why. Her immediate reaction to his news was to say yes. But was it really worth the risk? She paused to consider.


Heaven: This salad is NOT good. Bo says he can use the Sixamian evolution without getting caught. He knows how important this mission is. It’s why we took our offspring from everything they’d known and brought them here. I think I can trust him, and I really REALLY think I need better food sooner rather than later. I shall stop worrying immediately.


6 thoughts on “Round 4, Chapter 17 [Blank]: A Sixamian Secret Revealed

  1. Oh, Bo… you do need to be careful. Heaven isn’t stupid – she knows you aren’t telling her something.
    Speaking of Heaven, I’m really starting to like her! She seems like a very relaxed person to hang out with.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heaven is so chill! We haven’t seen much of that side of her because she’s always away from home at work. I wish we could follow her to work so you can see how she is with her work friends. If she was just sent to Earth has a single alien needing to integrate in her own sweet time while pursuing a music career she would be such a fascinating character. Being a mom and existing solely for her kids future just as not jive with who she is inside.

      Liked by 1 person

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