Round 4, Chapter 16 [Blank]: Family Roles, Decided


It wasn’t that Heaven Blank was a loner, no that was her husband Bo. Yet, for some reason he was the one with all the friends and the great relationship with their offspring. While she slept most of the day and worked most of the night, he seemed to be really loving life on Earth.

Being a stay-at-home dad suited him. Their small garden was always well kept. Their single toilet, shower, and bathroom sink always clean and repaired. Meals and leftovers always in the fridge. And he still had time to make her feel special as well.

She knew she couldn’t do it if their roles were reversed. All she wanted was to get a promotion in her career, and maybe find some others like her. Not aliens, no. Again, that was Bo wanting to find more like them on this planet. Heaven just wanted some Bros. People who understood her chill vibe, who wouldn’t judge her for just wanting to chill and not be bothered.

Heaven’s thoughts swirled around her head as she strummed her guitar. She was lucky that her training for work also gave her a sense of peace. She knew her family was close by and she should maybe see if they needed her. But they never did. So she lost herself in  her music once more.


Nearby, Asa and Gem were working on their homework. It never took long unless they were tired or stressed.

“How’s your homework?” asked Asa.

“Overly simplistic as usual,” replied his sister Gem. “But on this planet, the only way to achieve the highest marks is to complete these repetive assignments.”


“Are you sure?” asked Asa.

“I swear it,” replied Gem. “I checked with my teacher today and unfortunately, it is the only way. We waited so long to do our homework today. Let’s just finish it then head to bed.”


In the bathroom, Bo was up to his usual. The bathroom sink and shower broke, so he was repairing both. He was experimenting with the order of doing things to see which would be the most effective. He couldn’t decide if it was worse to leave the pile of trash on the floor or worse to leave the puddle on the floor. He knew he’d figure it out eventually.


The whole family finally went off to bed for the night. A weird sound awoke Asa and Gem. They both got out of bed, filled with fear. They saw smoke pouring from under the bed where Gem usually slept.


Without waiting for Asa, Gem took off out of their room to go wake their parents.


She looked back toward her bedroom, wondering why Asa wasn’t joining her. But at the sight of the smoke still coming from under her bed, she continued into her parents’ room.


She marched right up to their bed and tried to wake them.


The only one who woke up was their father. Gem was not surprised that her worried cries didn’t wake her mother.



As her father stood there bleary-eyed, Gem described what she saw under the bed.


Back in their room, Asa was having a hard time believing his eyes. He was barely aware that his sister Gem had even left the room.


Suddenly, clearer than ever, he saw a tentacle slide across the floor and reach for him. He’d had enough, it was time to sound the alarm!


In their parents’ bedroom, Bo had walked over to Gem, attempting to calm her down so she could explain what frightened her so much.


Bo leaned down to whisper in her ear how monsters weren’t so bad, mostly just misunderstood.


Before he could finish his sentence, Asa had burst into the room and finally woken Heaven all the way up.


Asa went through a similar explanation as Gem, but Heaven was asleep during Gem’s frightful tale. Bo found it odd that they’d coordinated their stories. Gem tried to explain that they hadn’t, they’d just seen the same thing.


Not one to listen to long drawn out stories, Heaven left in the middle of Bo trying to decide how to handle the monster situation. No one knows what she did, but when she re-emerged from the room, she announced there would be no more monsters in the room tonight.


Too worked up to sleep, Asa and Gem looked at the time and decided they should just stay up, have breakfast, then head off to school. They sat at the table with their mother Heaven while their father Bo was in the kitchen doing kitchen things.

“Thanks for handling that monster mother!” said Asa.

“Yes, mother, I’m not sure we could’ve handled it without you, I’m so grateful you woke up to help us,” agreed Gem.


Gem appreciated their sentiments, but it made her uncomfortable. Never a deeply maternal person, she merely smiled at each of them, finished her breakfast, then left the table.

Asa and Gem shrugged at each other, then fell into a deep discussion of who was more scared of the monster. This line of conversation carried them through breakfast and all the way to school.


Asa brought his breakfast to the table, disappointed he’d missed his offspring before they for school for the day. Gem joined him, grumbling at first that Asa was a slob who never cleaned up after himself like Gem did. But she quickly changed her expression to reflect how pleased with herself she was.


“I know  you’re usually the one who handles everything with the offspring, but thank you for letting me handle the monster this morning,” said Heaven.



“Wife, I cannot believe you think you are not welcome in the child rearing process. I know it is not your forte, but your quick thinking settled the matter before they got too deeply into their fear. I commend you,” said Bo.


She smiled at him, grateful that he never made her feel bad for not being more motherly. He finished his breakfast, then rose to clean the table.


Heaven sat for a bit thinking. She thought about all she’d learned musically so far. It seemed a shame that the only people who’d heard it were those who saw her at open mic nights.


She joined her husband in the kitchen, but he interrupted her before she could speak.

“Heaven… there is something I have been meaning to tell you. Seeing how committed you are to the happiness of this family has convicted me. I must confess.”

Heaven’s eyes widened, waiting for what he would say next.


10 thoughts on “Round 4, Chapter 16 [Blank]: Family Roles, Decided

  1. Bo, your confession had better be something like ‘I ate all the ice cream’…
    I’m really happy to see that Heaven’s family are accepting of the type of person she is, and I really hope she can find her Bros soon!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. As always, this is said with the caveat for my Sims behaving how they want and ignoring me, LOL. But I have a hope and a plan to give Heaven a bit more focus in the future, and she shall meet her Bros..

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg I fear Bo could be cheating or something. Ahh! (Loved seeing the monster under the bed, by the way. That was so cute… then the cuteness was spoiled with that cliffhanger 😉 hehehe)

    Liked by 1 person

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