Author’s Note #4: Changing How Often I Switch Households

Well hello! If you’re still following me along on this attempt at writing a neighborhood rotation, bless your heart. I took a loooong break because real life, but I’m back with a fresh attempt at writing with any sort of regularity. I just posted a chapter I played and screenshotted and outlined way back in July, let me know what you think of it.

As I’m tweaking what works and what doesn’t, I’m changing things–again.

I read a lot of SimsLit, and I’ve noticed that I really like neighborhood rotations. Seeing what separate houses are up to, as well as learning about them through the eyes of their neighbors, is really intriguing to me.

Most of the neighborhood rotations I read take a week to switch houses. That gives time for more than one post per family. I’m thinking that will be easier to track than the way I’ve been doing it.

So for at least the near future, I will give each family a week from midnight Monday morning to the same time the following week. There will be an exception because I allow auto aging even for households that aren’t active.

If there is a birth or birthday I don’t want to miss, I’ll pop over to the other house for just that event, then come back.

Since I currently have four families I’m following, things will happen “behind the scenes” while I’m with other families. The best example of this for me is when I came back to the Epsteins to discover that Laurel was having an affair with Bob Pancakes! I was quite interested to see when her twins were born if they belonged to him or her husband.

Right now I’m with the Blanks. I’ve got a few more days with them, and it’s looking like I won’t have 7 stories for 7 days, but just a few that focus on the stories I’m telling with each family member. After them, I’m not sure which family I’ll go to next. I’ve got more story to tell for the Epsteins, great plans for Carmen Butler, and the Holloways write themselves when I play them.

If I had to decide now, the next week will go to the Epsteins. The twins should be aged up by then I think, plus we’ll have to see how Laurel handles her affair.

2 thoughts on “Author’s Note #4: Changing How Often I Switch Households

  1. I like this approach to your rotation ! I started one last night in San Myshuno (inspired by Jes’s John Jones , actually ! ), and I decided to stay with each household while I’m having fun with them! Not sure if a story will come from this , but it’s loads of fun to play !

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    1. I definitely found it easier to write multiple stories in one sitting because I was continuing the story of one family. I played through about one week, then ended up with 7 stories I’ve got scheduled to post. I’m glad I’ve switched to this way.

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