Round 4, Chapter 15 [Holloway]: Finally Some Friends Their Own Ages

Luca got a very pleasant surprise when No-Name-Hottie, whose named turned out to be Jocelyne, showed up at his front door. Her style certainly reflected how he knew her: funky, sexy, and quirky. He wished she wasn’t wearing that long-sleeved t-shirt, but he could still see all her curves, so he was happy.

Luca: She came to me, just like I knew she would.

05-23-16_7-16-44 PM

After greeting Jocelyn, Lucas did some quick thinking. Jocelyn was so disarmingly nice, he didn’t want to scare her off. He couldn’t be sure if she saw his interactions with those annoying old men at the pool. Just in case, he needed to make sure that the friendly version of him she saw is the side he kept showing her. Even if it was rusty from disuse.

05-23-16_7-16-50 PM

Luca’s autonomous hug of Daniella surprised her. In recent days, he hadn’t been the loving and kind Luca she’d known him to be. She knew he could be tough on others, but he’d always been good to her. The isolation out on the far shores on the Windenburg mainland had brought out a different side in him, a side she wasn’t very fond of.

Daniella: If this woman has something to do with him being nicer for once since we’ve moved here, she can stay as long as she wants.

05-23-16_7-17-25 PM

For a while the visit was… nice. Luca and Jocelyne sat at kitchen counter and talked. Danielle sat in her nook playing video games.

Danielle: For someone who said he wants to get to to know her better, Luca sure is doing all the talking here.

05-23-16_7-18-41 PM

Jocelyne decided to watch television. When Daniella saw Luca stand up and grab a book, she knew something fishy was up. She decided to excuse herself from direct sight of this mess and start lunch.

Daniella: I don’t know why he’s trying to impress her so hard. Nice was one thing, but now he’s pretending to be a reader as well? I hope he’s at least holding the book upright.

05-23-16_7-22-17 PM

Daniella’s distracted thoughts led to her cutting her finger in addition to cutting the tomatoes. She cursed quietly in her head so as to not attract the attention of Luca or his new “friend” Jocelyne.

05-23-16_7-22-21 PM

05-23-16_7-22-23 PM

05-23-16_7-22-26 PM

Both Daniella and Luca took it as a good sign that Jocelyne chose their favorite program to watch on television. Luca was pretending to be engrossed in his book so he didn’t notice when Jocelyne stood.

Daniella: Uh-oh. Unless she’s about to ask where the bathroom is…

05-23-16_7-22-40 PM 05-23-16_7-22-42 PM

After Jocelyne left, abruptly it seemed to Daniella, she ventured to ask Luca about her.

“So… Jocelyn was nice, huh?” asked Daniella.

“Yeah, she was, what’s it to you? She’s gonna be my next girlfriend. She must already be in love with my if she came all the way out here to hang out,” replied Luca.

05-23-16_7-24-53 PM

After they ate, Daniella was about to start cleaning the dishes–as usual– but Luca beat her to it.

Daniella: I DEFINITELY didn’t see what he saw going on between him and Jocelyne. She only stayed for like 20 minutes. But, if he’s going to wash dishes even without her here to witness it, she can be my new sister-in-law. I just want my loving brother back.

05-23-16_7-26-32 PM

Luca finished the dishes then headed off to take his usual nap before he had work that evening. Daniella put away the leftovers and marveled and how peaceful the house felt today.

Daniella: I could get used to this.

05-23-16_7-26-43 PM

With Luca and his unexpected niceness out of the way, Daniella pulled out her phone and invited over the kids from the neighborhood hang group. She was happy Quincy had asked her to join. She’d had some difficulties meeting people her own age, so this was a huge save to her personal life.

New Club

As was the plan and intent of the club, when everyone arrived, the first they started doing was their homework. Quincy and Robyn, those seemingly perfect-and-rich Epsteins, had of course already finished their homework.

05-23-16_7-27-59 PM

“Isn’tt this great?” Quincy asked his younger sister Robyn. “I’m really glad mom made me add you to this club. That way you get a great introduction to teenage friends in a safe and healthy environment.”

“Yeah! It’s great. I’m glad to hang out with so many teenagers who care about doing well in school!” replied Robyn.

Robyn: Jeez, I hope my high school friends will be cooler than these guys. I gotta make sure the twins grow up and don’t get stuck in this club.

05-23-16_7-28-40 PM

Daniella did her homework in the quiet of her room. She was happy the club was over, but getting her homework done, at her desk, without noisy interruptions came first. The club would be there after she got all her answers right.

06-01-16_12-21-57 PM

Robyn suggested to Quincy that they head out to the living room. This tiny cottage only had a couple of rooms in it, but she thought it could still be fun, if they could just drag the others from their homework. Next meeting would definitely be at their house, if she could swing it.

06-01-16_12-23-14 PM

Finally the other teens were done with their homework and joined the Epsteins in Jocelyn’s living room. Like a middle school dance, they stood around waving and smiling at each other, waiting for someone else to start the hang.

06-01-16_12-24-50 PM

A few friendly conversations were struck up.

06-01-16_12-25-03 PM

The club’s secret handshake was created.

Robyn: Okay, okay, okay. This is…. nope. I gotta fix this.

06-01-16_12-27-05 PM

Robyn noticed that Laurie, Lesley, and Daniella were looking at Quincy and Baby as if they were hoping to be asked to dance at a sock hop. She decided to roam around the room, taking note of who was interested in who. She knew this would be useful for later.

06-01-16_12-27-11 PM

06-01-16_12-27-22 PM

06-01-16_12-28-11 PM

06-01-16_12-28-13 PM

After Robyn gathered enough intel, she reminded Quincy of her bedtime. Because the kids in this club seemed so lame nice, no one minded ending the club gathering early. They all had school in the morning as it was. Everyone bid each other goodbye.

Daniella: It’s so nice to talk to people that aren’t Luca’s age and older. I can’t wait until our next club meeting.

Quincy: There are a lot of girls in this club. This was the best idea ever. I hope Baby won’t be competition for me when I pick which girl I shall love.

Robyn: Maaaaaaaaaaaan, I’ve got some work to do to get these kids up to snuff. But if anyone is up to the job, I am.

06-01-16_12-29-40 PM

10 thoughts on “Round 4, Chapter 15 [Holloway]: Finally Some Friends Their Own Ages

  1. Oh Daniella – I’m sorry Luca has been so mean to you recently. I hope that even if this thing with Jocelyne goes nowhere he’ll get into the habit of helping out a little. The club will be good for her, I think 🙂 Even if Robyn gets her way and turns them all into ‘cool’ kids =p

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  2. It feels so great coming back to this story! 😀 I went back and skimmed all the earlier chapters to help refresh my memory, and now I’m back! I love that Luca met a girl named Jocelyne… Couldn’t help but giggle at that! And I loved the gathering of all the kids too 🙂

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      1. Can’t wait to read about it! I’m gonna read a few more tonight but in bed on my phone… so I apologize in advance if I leave short comments. I hate typing on my phone 😂

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