Round 3, Chapter 12 [Epstein]: Laurel Is Full Of Surprises

The Epsteins were all gathered outside the house as the day turned into night, as Sims do in preparation for the arrival of the Watcher.

05-23-16_4-07-11 PM

Laurel was feeling uncomfortable, and ready to go to the hospital. She was glad she won the battle over heel height with her husband Kurt. Her swollen feet could barely fit in these sandals as it was.

05-23-16_4-07-35 PM

Checked in at the hospital, she climbed on the delivery table. Her doctor was moving slowly, so she had time to contemplate life decisions. Even the arrival of the nurse didn’t distract her from her feelings.

She was happy about the arrival of a nooboo, but she couldn’t help but feeling a bit trapped in her life. On the days when she didn’t have breakfast on the table before school or a snack waiting after school, she felt her children’s eyes watching her in confusion.

In spite of Robyn’s refusal to say out loud to her that she liked their new life, Laurel knew she had gotten very used to it. Her new fancy room, the help with homework every night, the endless amounts of toys to play with, it all said something. What it said exactly, Laurel wasn’t sure.

She just knew that she was finding less and less time for herself in all of it. And with this nooboo, that would decrease even more.

05-23-16_4-14-32 PM 05-23-16_4-14-58 PM 05-23-16_4-15-50 PM

Suddenly, Laurel’s head jolted up. She couldn’t believe her eyes! The doctor removed her heart!!

Laurel: This can’t be good.

05-23-16_4-16-23 PM

Laurel doesn’t remember what happened next, she just knows everything went dark, her head falling to the table.

05-23-16_4-16-30 PM

When she came to, the same claw that held her heart was now depositing the nooboo into a hospital-issue bassinet.

05-23-16_4-21-38 PM

One look at this precious nooboo, and Laurel knew her name would be Bianca. Bianca Epstein. Then Laurel noticed Kurt wasn’t there.

05-23-16_4-21-58 PM

Kurt was in the hospital kitchen attending to some needs, when he suddenly realized he was missing the birth of his child. He ran off down the hall in a panic, trying to see if he missed it all.

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Laurel stood and held Bianca, unaware of Kurt running into the birthing room next door.

05-23-16_4-24-15 PM

Kurt arrived to see his beautiful daughter, unaware of Laurel in the other room.

05-23-16_4-24-45 PM

It took them a moment to realize they were both holding a nooboo. At the same time. Laurel was holding Bianca. And Kurt was holding Brooklyn. Twins.

Kurt: Twins?!?!

Laurel: Twins?!?!

05-23-16_4-25-34 PM 05-23-16_4-25-45 PM

The family arrived home, and the twins ended up in Quincy’s bedroom. He was happy to be the first to attend to Bianca and Brooklyn.

Quincy: I’m already such a wonderful big brother to Robyn, of course these two will love me as well. Piece of cake. I wish I had a girlfriend to tell about my new sisters. This will be a busy week with the nooboos though, I probably won’t have time to call a club meeting. Not that the club only exists to find me a girlfriend though…

Quincy helped his parents move the twins’ bassinet from his room. He took one look around, trying to say goodbye. He’d become quite attached to his room, even though they’d only been in the house a short time. He took a look around, and decided to leave something behind for the twins, a piece of himself in the new room.

05-23-16_4-29-30 PM 05-23-16_4-32-09 PM 05-23-16_4-32-19 PM

Laurel made short work of creating the perfect nursery for Bianca and Brooklyn. She didn’t want to go too deep into pink again, so she went with a purple and green theme this time. Once the girls aged up, she figured they could decide if they wanted different colors.

Quincy came back in the room, barely recognizing it. He saw a space on the dresser and knew that was the perfect spot to leave a piece of himself. He left one of the rail cars from his model train set. He hoped the girls would love it as much as he did.

05-23-16_4-54-21 PM 05-23-16_4-54-37 PM 05-23-16_4-54-55 PM 05-23-16_4-55-21 PM-2

There was a bathroom adjoined to Quincy’s the twins’ room. Laurel decided to decorate it in a neutral palette so she wouldn’t have to redo an entire bathroom if the girls didn’t like it once they aged up.

05-23-16_4-55-51 PM 05-23-16_4-56-21 PM

Black and white with sinks for both girls seemed like a good idea. She used a similar tile style as was used in Robyn’s room. She felt it worked for the girls, and maybe she could even convince Quincy to use it in his bathroom too.

05-23-16_5-09-56 PM 05-23-16_5-10-08 PM 05-23-16_5-10-31 PM

Quincy moved to the other side of the second floor. Everyone agreed he’d be happier away from the girls and nearer to the home gym. He took over the bedroom Kurt and Laurel used before moving to the amazing master suite on the third floor.

05-23-16_5-11-05 PM 05-23-16_5-11-27 PM

Given the chance to decorate his own room, Kurt went for grays with a lot of splashes of red. He took advantage of the big space and managed to fit in a computer, reading area, closet, and even a foosball table. He knew if his club came over to hangout, they’d have no problem having fun in just his room.

05-23-16_5-42-49 PM 05-23-16_5-43-07 PM 05-23-16_5-43-21 PM 05-23-16_5-43-48 PM 05-23-16_5-44-19 PM 05-23-16_5-44-33 PM

The Epstein family was pleasantly surprised with how normal the first night with the twins went. Homework and skilling went normally for everyone. They just squeezed in caring for Bianca and Brooklyn in between. Laurel ended her night being a great stay-at-home mom. She picked up the toys after Robyn, then watched a movie before heading to bed.

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Laurel was very glad she’d decided to change up her everyday mom outfit. The pink dress was wonderful, but the apron came in handy when she spent a lot of her time covered in various nooboo fluids.

Laurel: I would do this 100 more times just to have my nooboos look at me this way. They really teach you the meaning of unconditional love.

05-23-16_6-03-31 PM 05-23-16_6-03-50 PM 05-23-16_6-04-00 PM 05-23-16_6-06-04 PM

Feeling happy deep in her heart gave Laurel a new vigor. And it showed in a very important way. Long gone were the days of sloppy pancakes. She happily ate a stack of amazing pancakes by herself after everyone had left for school and work for the day.

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Back in the nursery to tend to the needs of Bianca-or-Brooklyn, Laurel paused to answer her phone.

05-23-16_6-16-57 PM Bob Hang

Laurel hadn’t seen Bob in a while, and she missed him. She was actually planning on sneaking some time to see him the day she went into labor. A big grin spread across her face as she told him to come on over.

05-23-16_6-17-21 PM

Laurel remembered the night she was headed to the hospital. A quick review of all her friends and family helped her decide who she should take with her. She was ashamed to admit that Kurt wasn’t who she first thought of to go with her.

Laurel's Relationships 1 Laurel's Relationships 2

Laurel didn’t have time to feel guilt at letting herself develop a secret romantic friendship with Bob Pancakes. Nor did she have time to go back over just how she ended up disliking Bo Blank so deeply.  She only had time to change into her pretty pink dress.

05-23-16_6-17-26 PM

Bob knocked on the door. Laurel rushed to let him in before any neighbors could spy him on her porch.

05-23-16_6-18-35 PM

They ended up in Robyn’s room, which felt safe to Laurel. They hadn’t taken their relationship to a physical level yet, it was mostly just a lot of flirtation. Bob played blicbloc, then turned to her and asked, “so what’s new?”

05-23-16_6-21-58 PM

“Well… you knew I was pregnant. But it wasn’t just nooboo number three like we thought. It was nooboo numbers three and four. And I still can’t get Robyn into that dress!”

05-23-16_6-22-06 PM

Laurel couldn’t quite read the look on Bob’s face, but their conversation continued pretty good after that. She felt such a thrill to have him there in her house. The little blown kisses, the shared smiles over inside jokes only they knew, and the deep conversation was something she craved, though she didn’t know why.

05-23-16_6-24-59 PM

Laurel lost track of time, then rushed Bob downstairs to ask him to leave.

“What?! You’re kicking me out?” he asked.

05-23-16_6-25-06 PM

“No sweetie,” Laurel said, “I’m not kicking you out, I’m just protecting my home life and yours. And we’ll see each other again soon. I promise.”

Bob left, and not a moment too soon. He’d barely gotten out the house and around the corner before Geoffrey and Nancy Landgraab arrived to hang out for a bit.

05-23-16_6-27-22 PM

Quincy and Robyn has also arrived home from school around the same time. They went into the dining room to finish their homework. They usually did it in the kitchen, but now the kitchen seemed stuffy and drab compared to the dining room.

05-23-16_6-27-33 PM

After finishing her homework, Robyn went upstairs to work on her aspiration. She considered going to meet the twins, but decided against it.

Robyn: They’ll be worth meeting when they age up. I don’t care if Quincy says they’re adorable. I’m adorable! They’ll just be my minions.

Robyn had a good talk with Pink Blarffy and hugged him, promising to never bring home little cub siblings and expect him to be excited about it. Pink Blarffy helped her come up with a plan to get her mom back on her side as the best daughter in the house.

05-23-16_6-33-03 PM 05-23-16_6-33-17 PM 05-23-16_6-33-29 PM

Malcolm came over too, and Quincy was excited to show the Landgraabs his new room. They soon found themselves in a foosball competition. Quincy and Malcolm were sure they could beat the old folks.

05-23-16_6-34-35 PM

They were wrong. Nancy and Geoffrey exchanged a fist bump in celebration of their win.

05-23-16_6-35-38 PM

Only Malcolm was able to stay for dinner. Robyn missed dinner because she was still upstairs plotting with Pink Blarffy.

05-23-16_6-37-28 PM

Quincy proved himself to be an amazing big brother, helping with Bianca and Brooklyn every chance he got.

05-23-16_6-40-41 PM


Kurt finally spent some time at the chess table, skilling in order to gain Logic to get that next promotion.

05-23-16_6-45-06 PM

He came home from work the next day with good news. Another promotion!

promotion 2

Robyn sat at breakfast, wondering when to put her plan into action. She figured over breakfast was a good idea, but she didn’t even bother to change out of her pajamas because her mom was still in the nursery with the twins.

05-23-16_6-54-42 PM 05-23-16_6-56-37 PM 05-23-16_6-56-47 PM

After breakfast, she announced she was going to be in her room, dedicating this Saturday afternoon to her craft. An artist needs dedication, after all.

Robyn: If this doesn’t work, nothing will. I just hope Mom comes to check on me rather than Daddy. He shouldn’t come in here to use the computer though because he just got another promotion at work.

05-23-16_6-58-03 PM

Right on time, Laurel walked into her bedroom to check on the progress of her drawing.

“Robyn!! You’re wearing the dress! Oh honey, you look adorable.”

“Thanks Mommy. I just figured why keep fighting you on this. It really is a pretty color and it looks so nice here in my pink room.”

Robyn: Oh yeah, and just like that I’ve got both parents wrapped around my finger.

“What do you think of heading downstairs after you finish this drawing so we can read together?” asked Laurel.

05-23-16_6-59-33 PM

Robyn agreed, and headed downstairs for even more one on one time with her mom. Reading the story helped with Laurel’s aspiration, so that was even better.

05-23-16_7-01-49 PM

In the middle of the story Laurel got a text from Bob. Apparently, he thought “sooner rather than later” meant a date in broad daylight at the most popular lounge in Willow Creek less than 24 hours after he’d seen her last.

She quickly declined, and promised herself she’d explain in more detail to him later.

Date Ask

Laurel went back to reading to Robyn, hoping she hadn’t noticed to panicked look on her face when she first saw the message on her phone.

05-23-16_7-01-55 PM

[Author’s Note: First, I’m sorry about the length of this chapter guys. I try to keep it in the range of 1500 words, and this one is over 2000. I wanted to keep all the story I planned on, but MCC threw me for a loop by having this romantic relationship develop between Laurel and Bob Pancakes. I mean, seriously?? She’s friends with sexy Eric Lewis and she picks Mr. Pancakes to start an emotional affair with? Well, I said I wanted drama in my rotation. I guess this is how Laurel is going to act out in response to feeling trapped in a life of her own design…]

24 thoughts on “Round 3, Chapter 12 [Epstein]: Laurel Is Full Of Surprises

    Congrats on the twins, though! So cute ❤ Robyn, you're becoming a cunning little thing, aren't you? And Quincy… well, slightly one track minded XD

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    1. Oh, if only you could send them a howler! It’d be all the worse because Laurel is a neat Sim, so the inevitable ashes would drive her crazy, bahahaha.

      And at some point far in their future, you’ll see the dialogue that happens between Laurel and Kurt. It’s no excuse, but it may give insight as to why Laurel might be susceptible to a nice guy who’s a great listener like Bob.

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      1. Yes! I wonder if it would fall under mischief or mean interactions though… Considering you’re yelling and chastising someone, it’s not going to be a positive interaction. I imagine you’d have to have a certain level of Mischief to even be able to send a howler. Now you’ve got me really wishing I had the skills to make a mod.

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      2. If I ever get the skills for it, it’s the first on my to-do list. And it’s probably mischief, I think. I mean, if it was pure mean it wouldn’t need to yell it in such a flamboyant fashion. Besides, I bet some people would send howlers with things like ‘NERD’ and nothing else – so much mischief potential…

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  2. OH, Lauren…you don’t need an affair only because you home life isn’t great! I mean c’mon you have four childrem, and it looks like Robyn is feeling a little left behind..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You know what? After reading Jes2G’s rotation with Mr. Pancakes (she had him shave), I kinda think he’s a cutie pie. Anywho–I’m very intrigued as to what’s going to happen next for this family. I mean, she can’t just walk out and leave the 2 nooboos, but if she’s unhappy she needs to do something!! Ah!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She’s not unhappy, she just feels trapped. But yeah, next time I play this family, Bob is getting a shave via MCC. I can’t wait to see Laurels reaction to his new look. He may or may not change his clothes as well to try to appeal to this woman who is suddenly all about money.


    1. That’s hilarious! Yeah him and Nancy arts a hard couple to keep happy. They are always at the Epsteins’ house, and they NEVER engage in autonomous interactions with each other. Of any kind. Theirs appears to be am apathetic marriage.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hahaha so class for Mrs Stephord wife 😀 But yeah as others have said it’s not MCC, EA story progression(or whatevr you can call it) has caused all of my Newton drama in my generation 5! I’m kinda happy for Bob though. Way to go, he’s always the unhappily married underdog, well done him 😛

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  5. It’s not MCCC that does the random romances. The game actually does it when you rotate. The first time, like you, I rolled with it and made it into a story. Now it just annoys me and I have to constantly use MCCC to remove the romance bar. It’s one of the first things I check for when I land at a house because it happens so often.

    Also yay for the nooboo twins! At least they weren’t triplets, lol. Quincy is my favorite I think. I’m still not sure about Robyn.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What?! I’ve literally never done a neighborhood rotation before so I didn’t know that. The base game is adding random romance bars? I do notice that when random Sims show up at community lots, they maintain whatever relationships they develop while there, but still…

      Yeah, I love Quincy. Robyn is a bit too manipulative for my tastes, but I have fun with her.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes it’s the game doing it. MCCC won’t do it on houses marked as played unless you change the settings. Which is why I add a bunch of households to my “played” households so they won’t be messed with even if I have no plans to play them.

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  6. Omg what a twist! Twins AND a flirty affair-ish with Bob Pancakes of all people?! This is too good! Hahahaha I am so looking forward to seeing what happens!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right! I was like Bob, of all people Bob?! Maybe there’s something about his “I clearly don’t give a crap about appearances or status” attitude that appeals to her. She’s spent a lot of time worrying about exactly those two things since she got her inheritance. With Bob, she doesn’t have to worry about being seen as “new money.”

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Wait Bob Pancakes?! Like, seriously Laurel? 😂 Seriously?? 😂😂😂 I’m sure it was a one-night stand sort of a thing (and it’s still funny to think it was with Bob 😂) But Laurel better not keep this going, I mean she and Kurt have just started their new life here and it would be sad if everything falls apart between them 😢 (Tho I secretly would love this, but only for the sake of some juicy drama😜)

    Oooh and I’m guessing she hates Bo because maybe, just maybe, he must have tried to analyze her brain and she must have not been delighted, like the others, to have found an alien!!! Ooooh drama! 😍

    And I love how Quincy is a loving brother while Robyn (who finally wore that dress 😱 and wow she’s such a sly kid knowing how to manipulate and get her parents to do things👌) wants to literally rule over her baby sisters! 😂 How typical!
    Which brings me to the nooboos!!! I love the names Bianca and Brooklyn and they’re such cute babies! I seriously cannot wait for them to age up and to see how their personalities differ from the rest of their siblings!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Lol, I love your comments!
      She has not woohooed with Bob yet, and from what I could tell in their interactions list, they haven’t even kissed yet.
      And nothing has happened to make Laurel think she should stop. To her, it’s like a person sneaking cookies when they’re supposed to be on a diet.
      Yeah, Quincy is such a good big brother to all three of his sisters.
      And Robyn is starting to show a tendency to do whatever she must to get her way. Let’s hope it stays harmless, especially when it comes to the new twins.

      Liked by 1 person

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