Round 3, Chapter 11 [Blank]: Being Human, Mostly

Bo still did not have the hang of Sim food. He knew his superior intellect should have been an asset in this case, but it was not.

Bo: It should not be this hard to make eggs and toast. If the Sims insist on eating the undergrown offspring of chickens, they should be able to find a better way to prepare it. These metal pans and false coils of heat are not sufficient. Leaving the shell intact and roasting over an open flame would surely be more efficient. I wonder who on this planet I can communicate with to change the egg preparation.

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Little Asa ate breakfast alone that morning. It seems he also was not a fan of the eggs and toast as Sims prepared them. He missed the food of Sixam and he hoped and wished for any chance to have it again, even though it was a long shot.

05-18-16_4-48-53 PM

Once the rest of his family left for the day, Bo headed outside. He could have just headed out the back door, but he took the long way around out the front door so he could prolong his time outdoors.

He began to regret it when a pregnant Sim blocked his path. After they said their hellos, her face fell dramatically. Unsure of what to do, Bo remembered him Sim 101 training and knew just what she would need.

Bo: Alright, I can do this. Touching a Sim won’t be so bad. My offspring have done it and nothing bad has happened to them. Sims are full of germs and emotions, everyone with half a brain knows this. I hope none of it transfers to me. As the Sims say, here goes nothing…

05-18-16_4-52-34 PM

Bo patted the arm of the sad Sim, wondering if the softness of her skin was common among Sims. He knew that the Sim skin of his lovely wife Heaven was soft, but he didn’t know that was normal. He said some pre-determined words to the Sim, whatever he’d learned in class before coming to this planet.

05-18-16_4-52-38 PM

She leaned back and took in a deep breath. Bo didn’t let her go at first. He told himself he was holding on to brace her in case she toppled over. Pregnant sims took up a lot of space, and it had to affect their center of gravity.

05-18-16_4-52-44 PM

She seemed to feel better after what he said. She smiled shyly at him. Something about the smile made him finally release her shoulders.

05-18-16_4-52-47 PM

“Would you like to feel the baby?” she asked.

05-18-16_4-53-51 PM

Bo hesitated as he felt strangely drawn in by her smile. Her smile was like sunshine in the summer, or at least it was like pictures of it he’d seen during class–Summer!! That was her name. He was so used to reading minds, and learning about these Sims through conversation was a new skill he was only slowly developing. She was still patting her stomach, inviting him to touch her yet again.

05-18-16_4-53-58 PM

Bo leaned down and touched Summer’s stomach. It felt intimate. Not quite as intimate as how he touched Heaven’s Sim skin, but not very far from it either.

05-18-16_4-55-35 PM

He looked up at Summer and smiled. “Your offspring is vibrant and full of life like you,” said Bo. Would you like me to analyze him or her for you?”

05-18-16_4-55-39 PM

“Analyze?” asked Summer.

“Yes, analyze! It is truly the best way to get to know another Sixam–Sim. It save a bit of time on newer offspring. Why wait until they have come of age to truly know who they are?”

05-18-16_4-55-42 PM

“Um… like fortune telling? Sure…. But, how about some other time? Yeah, let’s try it another time,” said Summer.

05-18-16_4-55-43 PM

That was fine with Bo. the conversation moved on and he showed her pictures of his offspring, being careful to only show the ones with Sim skin. Summer was happy to see them because this was her first nooboo.

Without the touch of her skin to distract him, Bo soon began feeling tense, and looking to spend some time alone. The timing worked out because Summer headed off to find a bathroom, and Bo continued his journey to his backyard to work on the garden.

05-18-16_4-56-01 PM

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After finishing with his garden, Bo sat on the TV watching a program that was supposed to be funny. This is what he seemed to be doing each day while waiting for the family to return home. He wondered where the kids were, but little did he know they were outside.

Asa and Gem had returned home from school and Asa was not in a good mood. Gem was unimpressed with his poor mood, but she let him talk it out until finally they were both smiling.

05-18-16_5-00-51 PM 05-18-16_5-01-44 PM 05-18-16_5-01-53 PM 05-18-16_5-01-59 PM 05-18-16_5-02-01 PM

They decided to lay out under the shade of the tree and gaze at the clouds. They were both so amazed at house different the sky appeared here in Newcrest than it did on Sixam. They laid companionably on the ground, trying to decide if the clouds looked like dragons from Sim storybooks or bunnies from Sim storybooks.

05-18-16_5-02-04 PM 05-18-16_5-02-06 PM 05-18-16_5-02-09 PM 05-18-16_5-02-19 PM 05-18-16_5-02-22 PM 05-18-16_5-02-35 PM 05-18-16_5-02-49 PM

Eventually Bo realized where the offspring were, and he and some other children joined them. Asa was happy with their new crew, and was suspicious of any additional children. Pretty soon, enough of them showed up and he invited everyone inside.

Once again, they stuffed as many children as they could into their tiny living room. Gem didn’t want to leave the hangout, but she was so tired she fell asleep. Eventually, the crowd got to be too much for Bo, so he left, headed back outside.

05-18-16_5-04-32 PM 05-18-16_5-05-40 PM 05-18-16_5-05-54 PM 05-18-16_5-08-19 PM 05-18-16_5-14-42 PM 05-18-16_5-34-48 PM

Bo felt he had a lot of downtime at home during the day, as gardening wasn’t enough to keep him occupied. He decided to try his hand at fishing. He is not surprised when it turns out that he’s a natural. The very first fish he catches puts a huge smile on his face. the colors remind him so much of home.

05-18-16_5-36-37 PM 05-18-16_5-43-49 PM 05-18-16_5-44-02 PM

Be decides to head home with his catch, thinking he can get dinner ready just in time for Heaven’s arrival home from work. But he decides to stop and chat with a new Sim he doesn’t know. Bo has an experiment in mind. He wants to try and find a way to touch this Sim to see if her skin is like Heaven’s and Summer’s.

05-23-16_3-53-38 PM

This new Sim seems friendly enough, and they quickly strike up a conversation about the new cafe on the corner.

05-23-16_3-54-17 PM

“…And then I told the barista, ‘take it easy on the whipped cream, will ya!’,” she said.

05-23-16_3-54-57 PM

Bo once again found himself searching for her name. He decided it was time for a shortcut. “You know how I like to get to know Sims?” he asked.

05-23-16_3-55-03 PM

Just as she was about to respond, little Lucas Munch walked up. Bo actually remembered this kid because he was friends with the offspring. Bo hesitated, wondering if he should analyze her mind with the Sim child staring right at them.

05-23-16_3-55-16 PM

Be decides to chance it. He remembers that up to this point, no Sim other than the one he was poking around in noticed what was happening. Except that one time in the park with Carmen Butler, but at that point, she already knew, so that was different.

05-23-16_3-55-21 PM

And just like every other time, this Sim woman was happy to discover he was an alien.

Bo: I wish I could tell Heaven what I’ve been up to. Everyone is reacting so positively to finding out what I am. Discovering that my wife and children are also from Sixam could only be more positive. I’ve got to find a way to share with her my secret.

05-23-16_3-55-25 PM

And little Lucas seemed none the wiser about what had just happened.

05-23-16_3-55-30 PM

“What was that mister? Can you try it on me?” asked Lucas.

Bo: Darn.

05-23-16_3-55-36 PM

“Unfortunately, little Sim, I cannot. That was just a joke between me and this Sim woman here. I am not sure what you think you saw, but it was just a magic trick. I’m training in secret to perfect my tricks for Asa and Gem’s birthdays,” said Bo.

“Oh that’s so cool. I wish my parents would do something great like that for my birthday. Are they excited about it?”

“I’m glad you asked,” replied Bo. “It’s a surprise. So please keep this secret so as to not ruin their big day.”

“I sure will,” said Lucas. “Your secret is safe with me. I’m headed home to dinner now. Bye!”

05-23-16_3-55-43 PM

Bo bid them both good night, remembering as he turned to go that he forgot to find a reason to touch the skin of the Sim woman.

05-23-16_3-57-10 PM

Heaven arrived home, happy to announce her job promotion.


Bo noticed she wasn’t in the best mood though, so he decided to wait until another time to tell her about his experiences with the Sims acceptance. The family enjoyed a quiet night at home. The kids were doing homework, and Heaven was skilling for her job. Bo sat alone eating his dinner, contemplating how to reveal his secret to his wife before it got too big.

05-23-16_3-58-54 PM 05-23-16_4-02-49 PM Prefer to be Alone

Before bed, he decided to try his hand again at cooking. He was sure there was the most miniscule amount of improvement.

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[Author’s Notes: Before he could finish , a notification popped up. It was off to the Epstein’s house for the birth of Kurt & Laurel’s new baby!]

21 thoughts on “Round 3, Chapter 11 [Blank]: Being Human, Mostly

    1. Aw, I’m glad you love them all. Every time I think I have a favorite, I change my mind, most recently, it was the Epsteins. Their current family state, which you’ll see soon, is endlessly adorable.


  1. I’m so happy everyone’s reacting so well to the alien-ness! 😀 Though honestly, Bo, if you keep on trying to touch strangers you’ll get a restraining order placed on you.
    The kids are adorable ❤ I love them.

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  2. Oh!!!! I just adore this family and how you portray them through your writing. I really like Bo and how cautious and curious he is about Sims. It’s funny and endearing at the same time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bo seems to be a favorite, would you believe he’s not my favorite? I love to write him, but I struggle with him. Most of the other Sims, except Carmen, come to life through interacting with their families. Bo… not so much. But he sure is fun to watch when he’s not the Sim I’m controlling.

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    1. Me too. And it’s bananas because this is the smallest house ever. Asa and/or Gem will definitely grow up and have a chip on their shoulder about that. They’re children will have tricked out hangout spaces.

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  3. Oh, Bo I didn’t exoect Bo to have this sweet side to him. The interaction with Summer was kind of precious – I do realise he’s a married man and she is pregnant, but their chemistry was just pouring through from the way you wrote about it, and from those pictures.

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  4. Still my favorite family! 😛 I am a bit worried about Bo’s seeming attraction to Summer… Hopefully it was nothing more than alien curiosity?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m waiting for when a Sim will be horrified to find out Bo’s an alien because I so badly want some drama in this family Haha! And Congrats for your promotion Heaven! Yay! 👏

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