Round 3, Chapter 10 [Epstein]: Making This New Life Fit


It was about time. Laurel finally completed the update of the dining room. Her family sat down to a meal at the table at least once a day, and she felt like it was about time the house start reflecting its occupants. The room, and the house had good bones, but it needed a lot of brightening up. She wondered at the wisdom of spending the money to change all the dark hardwood floors in the house to white, but when she saw the finished product, she knew she’d made the right decision.05-18-16_1-02-13 PM

The family loved red, Quincy in particular, but nothing brightened up a room like sunshine-y yellow, so the red was out. She kept the basic layout because the original interior designer had at least that much right. But modern lighting, a buffet table, and lots of vibrant plant life completed the look. She couldn’t wait for the family’s first meal in the new room.

05-18-16_1-24-36 PM

It turned out there was no nooboo on the way, in spite of Laurel’s wonky needs plummet, so she took the time to finish the gym. She remembered how sparse–and red– it was when all she’d done was load in new equipment.

05-18-16_1-27-08 PM

The first thing she’d done was put a door where the middle window was previously. Why waste a perfectly beautiful balcony space. She imagined throwing the doors open in nice weather to let a natural breeze cool down an intense workout.

05-18-16_1-29-55 PM

On the inside, a neutral palette on the Wellness side with a pop of color on the Fitness side did the trick.

05-18-16_1-41-52 PM 05-18-16_1-42-11 PM 05-18-16_1-42-28 PM

Once two of the three rooms Laurel used the most were updated, she knew what room was next: Robyn’s room. Poor thing had been unhappy with her room since they moved in. Laurel though perhaps if she completed the room, she could get Robyn to finally wear that darn dress.

05-18-16_1-45-05 PM 05-18-16_1-47-48 PM

The room and adjoining bathroom were nothing special, and their drabness was weighing heavily on the creative kid who yearned for some inspiration in her daily surroundings. After she was done, Laurel wondered if she’d gone too far with the pink. She wanted to bring out her daughter’s girly side though, and she felt the grays in the bathroom certainly balanced out all the pink.

05-18-16_2-09-16 PM 05-18-16_2-09-49 PM

Now the bedroom….. that may have been an explosion of pink. But the pink stone feature wall was sure to get Robyn’s creative juices flowing, that much Laurel was sure. If Robyn still didn’t love the pink, she could always update the room in a few years.

Laurel: isn’t that was rich housewives do anyway? Update the house every 5 minutes? Yeah, worst case scenario, I’ll be a stereotype…

05-18-16_2-30-55 PM 05-18-16_2-31-06 PM 05-18-16_2-31-30 PM

Laurel was back on the computer in Robyn’s room, feeling inspired herself by the new brightness in the surroundings. She was just finishing her book when Robyn and Quincy arrived home from school.

05-18-16_2-37-39 PM 05-18-16_2-41-35 PM

Robyn and Quincy went inside. Quincy immediately started on his homework. Robyn was too hungry for that. And as Laurel was still finishing her book, Robyn made herself some yogurt.

“Can you believe I had to make my own after school snack?” Robyn asked Quincy.

“Yes, I can. You’ve been making your own snacks since you could walk. Don’t get spoiled now that mom is home all day. She’s allowed to go one day without having a snack waiting for us,” replied Quincy.

05-18-16_2-43-10 PM 05-18-16_2-50-48 PM

When Kurt arrived home from work, the family settled into their normal routine: some autonomous love between Kurt and Laurel, some fun for Quincy, homework for Robyn, cooking for Laurel, and skilling as they waited for dinner to finish.

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Dinner was always fun in the Epstein house. Everyone did their best to ignore Quincy’s… enthusiasm when he ate. Robyn’s jokes were getting better and better. Kurt had some pretty good stories to tell from work. And Laurel was grateful to hear the family’s praise about the new look for the dining room. They said it was much more suited to the family and after a few jokes about the over-tall flowers as the table’s centerpiece, they had nothing but flowing things to say about the space. Kurt was nice enough to start cleaning up after dinner, while Laurel made another push to get Robyn into the dress. Robyn promised to think about it. Laurel left her alone at the table to finish her dinner and her thoughts.

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As tired as they were, Kurt and Laurel still found the energy to make it to the bed. They decided to switch their bedroom to the top floor.

[Author’s Note: I promise you I didn’t know this house had a top floor. It’s like the perfect master suite too. I’m glad because these Family-Oriented Sims were definitely going to want more kids, and I didn’t want to lose the gym to expand their family.]

05-18-16_3-42-47 PM 05-18-16_3-43-07 PM 05-18-16_3-44-19 PM 05-18-16_3-44-31 PM

Robyn settled in for the night, having finished her first drawing in her new room. She decided all the pink wasn’t so bad after all.

Robyn: If I change my mind, I can always fix the color, Mom said so. It’s so great that we’re rich now. I could fit three of my old rooms into this room.

05-18-16_3-45-06 PM 05-18-16_3-45-12 PM

The next morning was typical for the Epsteins. Breakfast at the kitchen peninsula, Quincy looking flirty with no one to flirt with, kids heading off to school on time, Kurt out behind them with that cursed pocket protector.

05-18-16_3-51-27 PM 05-18-16_3-53-36 PM 05-18-16_3-55-39 PM

One thing was different though: Laurel. She woke up feeling different. Like good different. Like stop-trying-so-hard different. And she was happy to have the house to herself to test out this new different feeling. She stepped out of the shower and into what she felt might be more appropriate housewife clothing. 05-18-16_3-58-08 PM

Laurel decided to try out a new recipe: pancakes. She had never made a successful batch, but she wanted to try. And of course, hilarity ensued. Later, after forcing down the end result, she improved her mood by cleaning up after herself. Oh to be a Neat Sim, it’s easy to make yourself happy.

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As the morning came to an end, Laurel headed up to her new home gym, on the Wellness side. Some yoga was just what she needed to more deeply connect to this new sense of self-awareness inside her.

05-18-16_4-07-56 PM 05-18-16_4-08-04 PM 05-18-16_4-08-18 PM 05-18-16_4-08-39 PM 05-18-16_4-08-53 PM 05-18-16_4-08-55 PM 05-18-16_4-09-08 PM

As the family headed home from work and school for the day, Malcolm Landgraab stopped by. Geoffrey had warned the Epsteins that his son could be… quite the character. But Malcolm settled into the Epstein household just as easily as all the other Landgraabs before him.

05-18-16_4-12-35 PM 05-18-16_4-13-54 PM 05-18-16_4-14-13 PM 05-18-16_4-14-18 PM

Kurt arrived home happy to announce his promotion.

Kurt: No more pocket protectors. Hell yes!

Kurt Promotion

Kurt and Laurel hung outside for a bit, fulfilling a whim to watch the clouds. They had fun chatting, easing his tense. As his tension ebbed, her discomfort increased. Suddenly, she dashed off to the bathroom, just in time to avoid peeing on herself.


05-18-16_4-15-18 PM Cloudgazing

All that autonomous Risky Woohoo paid off in the form of a pregnancy. Laurel was overjoyed at the news.

Laurel: We didn’t even have to Try for Baby. It’s going to be very interesting to have a teenager, a child, and a baby in the house…

05-18-16_4-18-42 PM

Kurt was having a pre-dinner snack, so Laurel joined him at the kitchen peninsula to share the news.

“But we weren’t even trying,” said Kurt.

“I know! Isn’t it great?”

“Well…actually… I think it’s plumming fantastic! Today is a good day. First a promotion, now a nooboo on the way. Life couldn’t get much better than this, unless of course, you make taco casserole for dinner tonight.”

“Coming right up,” Laurel said. “Anything for daddy to be times three.”

05-18-16_4-19-26 PM 05-18-16_4-19-30 PM 05-18-16_4-19-33 PM 05-18-16_4-19-36 PM 05-18-16_4-19-38 PM 05-18-16_4-19-40 PM 05-18-16_4-19-42 PM

Quincy and Robyn were on the other side of the house, also on the first floor.

“Whatdya think they’re talking about? I’ve never heard both Mom and Daddy squeal before,” said Robyn.

“I have,” replied Quincy. “Just once before, when I was a little kid.”

“What was it then?” asked Robyn.

“You’ll see,” said Quincy. “Wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise.”

05-18-16_4-20-38 PM 05-18-16_4-20-44 PM 05-18-16_4-20-56 PM

Laurel made the taco casserole as requested. Over dinner, she shared the news of her pregnancy with her three kids, Quincy, Robyn, and Malcolm.

Laurel: Wait, Malcolm isn’t mine. Look at that blonde hair. Goodness, pregnancy brain has got me already. Well, whatever. The Landgraabs are like family, he might as well be one of my kids.

Laurel finished her evening by helping Quincy with the homework he’d neglected while getting to know Malcolm.

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The next morning, a not-even-pregnant looking Laurel (except for her boobs!) headed out shopping. She figured she’d buy some new clothes. Maybe something in between the fancy pink dress and the apron+leggings. She enjoyed her time at the store, and even made a new friend in the charismatic Eric Lewis. She would never tell her husband this, but she had a weakness for tall, dark and handsome men. And he had the bear and shaved head too? She was happy  when Nancy showed up, giving her something else to pay attention to. Then Laurel remembered the time and rushed home.

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Laurel got home just in time to be there in time for the delivery of her latest effort to convert Robyn to their new lifestyle. If this didn’t work, nothing would.

05-18-16_12-59-47 PM


23 thoughts on “Round 3, Chapter 10 [Epstein]: Making This New Life Fit

  1. The redecorated rooms look gorgeous! 😀 And yay for a nooboo on the way! (I really liked the part where Laurel mistook Malcolm for her own child – oh, hormones.) It’s great to see Laurel toning down the Stepford-vibe, too. Happy mediums for everyone!
    Robyn has a new room, at last – and Quincy’s flirty face was slightly terrifying – not gonna lie.
    Hooray for the promotion! No more pocket protectors!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Laurel thought a Stepford is what she should be, the perfect housewife, encouraged by Kurt of course. She’s finally chilling out a bit. Turning the house into a better fit for the family will help.

      Yes! Quincy’s flirty face is the worst! I’m glad it’s not just me. I can’t put my finger on it because he looks like Kurt’s clone to me, but when he pulls this face, they look sooooo different.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh I loved all the house renovations! I always enjoy house redesign/expansion updates (that’s why I always include floor plans in my new build posts even though nobody cares :D). Haha can’t believe you didn’t know about the master suite upsatirs – that’s the best feature of the this house!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally missed it for like two weeks, which is a long time in Sim life, haha. I’m glad you’re enjoying the renovations, I think they suit the family better. And I love looking at floor plans, it’s why I’m an HGTV addict (I don’t know if you’re American, so I don’t want to assume you know what that is, haha).


  3. Wow a teen, child and baby in the same house! Question: what aging are you playing on if at all?

    Side note: A couple pics on this post aren’t showing for me either?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, lots of age range going on, lol. I haven’t gotten into the backstory yet, but they had Quincy when they were very very young because they’re both family oriented and felt no need to wait. So Kurt and Laurel are both young adults. The story is something like, our son is 13, but we had to wait until we were 18 to get married, so we’ve only been married half that time.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. The redecoration looks SO good! You did a fabulous job! And I’m excited to see how the new bundle of joy shakes things up in this family! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh I’m so happy for the Epsteins! So many good things coming their way; a beautifully furnished house (that thankfully everyone loved), wonderful neighbors who almost feel like family, promotion AND a nooboo!

    I’m so happy to see that they’re all loving this new lifestyle!

    Now I’m waiting for the day Robyn finally wears that pink dress 😝😂 And tbh, I was scared her room would be too pink for her to live in, but she was fine so I’m really happy for her ☺

    Liked by 1 person

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