Author’s Note #3: Changing Up The Chapter Titles

Hey everyone!

I am typing this on my laptop, albeit with an external keyboard. If you know me on the Sims 4 Forums, you know that I spilled a glass of red wine on my laptop and thought I’d killed it.

Somehow, most of the functionality has returned! It’s doing enough to let me backup my screenshots and saves. I’m even able to still play the Sims on here, I’m just backing up regularly in preparation for when this laptop goes kaput. Because it will go kaput. Because you can’t spill red wine on your laptop keyboard and expect it to end well…

The culprit. Tasty, tasty Beaujolais.
The culprit. Tasty, tasty Beaujolais.


The main reason for this author’s note is not to berate myself for the wine, but to say I’m changing the way I’ve been labeling chapters. I thought I would give each family it’s own numbering system, but an unexpected pregnancy and poorly timed delivery changed the order of my rotation.

I want to tell these families’ stories relatively in order, so I’m changing the numbering system. That way if one householdĀ has 5 chapters while another only has 3, no one will be confused and think they’ve missed something.

If you’ve read up to this Author’s Note, nothing published before this will change in any way other than the title. All chapters that follow are brand new and will follow the new title format.

I’m still so new at this, something major was bound to change while I’m learning exactly how I want my chapters to go, right?

Thanks for understanding.

I’m back to writing the stories of the Blank, Butler, Epstein, and Holloway families and I hope to get back to my regular posting schedule. Keep your fingers crossed for this laptop!

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