Round 3, Chapter 9 [Holloway]: Lazy Sundays

Sunday morning at the Holloway house was a lazy one. Luca was still sleep from work the previous night, and Daniella was on the couch, finally watching something other than reruns of The Nightly Show. This was a dramatic and romantic soap opera. It put her in a romantic mood and she dreamed of one day finding a hunky doctor and consoling him at home after a rough day at work where patients lives rested in his hands.

001 Romance TV

Daniella decided to head outside to clear her head. She felt the TV was turning her brain to mush. And the last time she hung around outside, an entire gaggle of neighbors showed up.

04-26-16_4-10-59 PM

The only person who showed up this time was Luca, who was almost impossibly wearing even less clothes than usual.

04-26-16_4-11-40 PM

“Love how you are so free spirited Luca! Not many men would feel comfortable out in the open in flaming boxer shorts,” said Daniella. She was determined to keep a smile on their face so they never had to revisit the resting bitch face conversation ever again.

04-26-16_4-11-46 PM

“Eh, what can I say? I’m blessed to have a beautiful body and sense of style. I shouldn’t keep that from the masses. Besides, there aren’t even any masses out here to see. And you know that’s just how I like it,” replied Luca.

04-26-16_4-11-50 PM

“Can I tell you a secret?” asked Daniella.

“Sure,” replied Luca, looking suspicious.

04-26-16_4-12-13 PM

She leaned and and began to whisper. Luca’s eyes widened because he couldn’t begin to guess what she might say.

04-26-16_4-12-16 PM

“I spent most of our money,” said Daniella.

“You did what?”

04-26-16_4-12-19 PM

“Well.. You never come in my room, so you didn’t see it, but I bought a yoga mat. And we hardly have any money because you don’t make much. And I’m trying to gain Cooking skill, so I keep making new meals, and that costs money. And there was this book I really wanted. And–”

04-26-16_4-12-23 PM

“Okay, okay. First, breathe. Second, you haven’t spent all of our money,” said Luca.

“Well that’s great! I thought my accounting ability was on point, but I’m happy you know better. We’re not broke!”

04-26-16_4-12-33 PM

“No,” said Luca. “You did spend all the money we had last week. But Jim just sent me $1000, so we’re good now.”

04-26-16_4-12-36 PM

“Daddy sent you money? Why do you call him Jim? You know what? Never mind. I guess that’s good news that we have more money now. Just please don’t tell me where Daddy got the money from and we can continue to thrive in peace,” said Daniella.

“No worries, he wouldn’t want me to tell you anywhere. Let’s just say business in Veronaville is booming,” replied Luca.

“I said don’t tell me!”

04-26-16_4-12-31 PM

Luca and Daniella weren’t the closest two siblings that have ever been, but they genuinely loved each other. And they liked each other. And they actually enjoyed each other’s company.

They spent the later part of the morning and early afternoon hanging out, alone and together. They took a selfie together, and Luca even let her post it on Simstagram.

Luca decided he wanted to teach himself how to play chess. And once he put his mind to something, he often accomplished his goals.

Daniella was back in her cozy corner, this time with a romance novel. She started thinking about how she wouldn’t mind having a boyfriend, though it would have to be a strong and brave boy, no wilty flowers. She didn’t need that in a boyfriend only because that was the description of the hunk in her book. She needed it because whoever she was with would need that personality to deal with Luca.

Eventually Luca came in the kitchen and grabbed a glass of milk. Daniella was amused that he didn’t get an entire plate of leftovers, but she just went back to reading her book until it was lunchtime.

She got up to make more macaroni and cheese, feeling confident she could get through it with no mishaps this time. Well, less mishaps. She sat down to eat, then she realized Luca had gone off to bed for a nap before work.

As she cleaned up after herself and Luca, Daniella made a decision. She was heading out. The company of others is what she craved. She loved her brother, but she wanted to meet someone new. She took a gamble and figured that Luca wouldn’t wake up until right before he had to leave for work. He’d be in such a rush to get out the house, he wouldn’t even notice she wasn’t there.

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Daniella arrived outside the cafe, and she took in the amazing view of the harbor. She loved how the cafe was designed to have an open air feel, and the warm afternoon sun lit the place aglow.

She ordered an espresso and took notice of who was around as she waited for her drink order. Everyone seemed friendly enough, but they were all… old. Most of them were adults, not even young adults.

Daniella: Maybe a cafe wasn’t the best place to go meet people my own age. Maybe they don’t even have people my own age here. Our welcoming party had no teenagers, maybe I’m the only one in Windenburg. That would be sad.

She sat and talked with the other Sims, though they didn’t seem terribly interested in what she had to say. She had a good time, but eventually she gave up and called a cab to go somewhere else. She continued chatting and building relationships until her ride showed up. She waved goodbye and was off to her next destination.

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Daniella stood outside the store and decided she liked Magnolia Promenade.

Daniella: If Luca and I ever get rich, I will be here every single day. And to think I was worried about money this morning. I’ll just do my best not to think about what Luca had to agree to for Daddy to give us that money. So much for surviving on our own. Oh well, nothing  like a little retail therapy to make a girl feel better.

Inside the store, Daniella quickly realized nothing in there was really her style. She was feminine, but young. She didn’t see anything that reflected her style. She did enjoy getting to know the nice store employees though.

Soon the store began filling up. At one point, there were over 15 Sims there, but no teenagers. Daniella was smiling and laughing, but eventually she moved away from the noise and called a cab. She chose a destination at random and hoped for the best.

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Daniella stood outside the Lounge and felt worried. The big jazzy marquee didn’t exactly scream Teenagers Hang Here. She stood there, trying to decide if she was going to go inside when other patrons started walking up.

She saw a man she recognized from earlier at the Cafe. He waved at her so she gave a tentative wave back. She didn’t think he liked her very much based on how he acted at the Cafe, but she was at least happy to see someone she knew.

“Hi Mr. Fyres, I’m not too sure about this place for a hangout, but I’m just trying to get to know places outside my little part of Windenburg. Do you come here often?”

Daniella: WHAT did I just say? ‘Do you come here often?’??? I mean, he is a dashing gentleman, but seriously?! Being outgoing is the only thing keeping me from feeling the embarrassment most other Sims would feel at this point.

“That’s funny Daniella,” he replied. “But no, I don’t come here often. I’m still learning my way around Willow Creek. And please, call me Dominic.”

Daniella decided to relax and not let her secret crush on Mr. Fyres–Dominic–stop her ability to make new friends.

She also met a cool bartender lady. They bonded over their similar style, and Daniella promised to check out her bar in Windenburg once she was of age.

Before she even made it inside the lounge, Daniella noticed the time. Luca was due home from work at midnight, and she had no intentions of turning into a pumpkin. She walked confidently away from the bar until she was confident no one could stop her through the window. Then she took off running.

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She got home, changed into her pajamas, and hopped into her chair, attempting to finish her romance novel. She was upset because she’d met no teenagers all day, and she knew her brother would kill her if he discovered she went out without telling him first.

Luca walked in the door in a conflicted mood. On one hand, he had a bone to pick with his little sister. On the other hand, he got a promotion! He was proud of himself for already moving up the ranks and having improved relations with his more hesitant coworkers.

Luca noticed Daniella moping, but didn’t address it. Once they both grabbed a plate of leftover bread, they sat down and chatted about their evenings.

Daniella’s mood improved upon discovering the bread was actually fruitcake. She loved fruitcake!

Luca’s mood got considerable worse and the same discovery. He hated fruitcake!

He finished his plate, then turned to Daniella ready for an argument.

“I know you went out, and I don’t approve. You leave with no note, no call, no text? What I am supposed to think? I let you come live with me to get you out of that house, but you’re supposed to hold up your end of the bargain and not act like every other stupid teenager out there!” yelled Luca.

“What other teenagers? There aren’t any! Believe me, I’ve looked. And don’t worry, I’m not like other teenagers, I was silly enough to go to a Cafe. Then I went shopping and didn’t buy anything. And then I went to a lounge. But before you say anything, I didn’t even go in! I’m still your goody two shoes sister, you don’t have to worry. Next time, just ask instead of yelling, would you?”

“Whatever,” said Luca.

“Real mature,” said Daniella.

Luca walked off, and Daniella went back to her fruitcake, finishing it in peace.

Luca decided to use his promotion bonus to fix up his bedroom, exactly as he planned. He was going to get something nice for Daniella, but after her behavior today, he changed his mind. He wasn’t her father, so he wasn’t going to punish her, but he certainly wasn’t going to reward her either.

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Luca spent some time in Build Mode, and he was pleased with the results. He felt the wallpaper was not too feminine, it suited the environment of their neighborhood. And the wall art, lamps, window dressings, and rugs really made it his own. The room felt masculine, but cozy. Just how Luca liked his domain to be. His small table in the corner housed him Emblems of Espionage, and he planned to put them to good use as he rose through the ranks in his career.

Luca worked out as Daniella once again cleaned up after both of them. He punched the night away, while she went to bed, hoping she wouldn’t be too tired when she woke up for school in a few hours.

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23 thoughts on “Round 3, Chapter 9 [Holloway]: Lazy Sundays

  1. I adore Luca. I hope he doesn’t put on a shirt! Haha. But I do feel bad for Daniella. She is social and needs some friends. She’s a good kid.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I know right. Don’t wanna have too much of a spoiler, but I added an outfit later for Luca that has no shirtless option. I lowkey may go back and change that. For you, not for me, lol.


  2. I love how you use slideshows – they’re almost like little videos of the scenes you’re talking about 🙂
    Luca, you can’t keep her in the house all the time – she’s a teenager. The more you tell her not to do something, the more she’ll want to do it. Besides, she’s totally responsible with all the housework and stuff – let the girl have a break once in a while!
    I’m glad they had a nice morning though – it’s good to see that they can get along nicely sometimes =p (and I’m intrigued about the business in Veronaville…)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Daniella will never talk about Veronaville, so good luck with that one. Luca is too busy trying to establish a Windenburg branch to want to discuss it, that is your hint. But you’re right about Daniella. Poor thing isn’t really getting to be a real teenager.

      And Luca and Daniella really love each other. They just get the best and worst of each other because it’s only the two of them all the way out on the coast by themselves.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. After this sentence: He wasn’t her father, so he wasn’t going to punish her, but he certainly wasn’t going to reward her either…. I don’t see any pictures. Were there supposed to be more because it looks like there were.

    Also I’m confused about who the person is that sent them money? Is it something I forgot from their introductory post perhaps?


    1. hmmm, I’ll take a look at it, maybe I wrote it funny. Their father sent him the money, he’s like a shady mobster type guy in Veronaville. I was trying to allude to it, but perhaps I was too vague.


      1. I think it was because he used their father’s name instead of saying father or dad or whatever. It made me think that they weren’t full brother and sister?


      1. Some of the slide shows are showing pictures, some show none and others show like a broken link thing instead of a picture. I wonder if it’s my browser?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. there are some individual pictures. Usually after a long string of sentences/paragraphs, there will be a gallery. It might be your browser. I hope other people aren’t unable to see the galleries.


      3. I figured I’d let you know in case others couldn’t see them too and just hadn’t mentioned it. I’m using Google Chrome.


  4. Poor Daniella! She’s so lonely 😦 That made me kind of sad. I enjoy her relationship with Luca, even if he’s a total knucklehead! I hope Daniella finds some teens to hang out with soon! (also, Dominic is very popular with the ladies in this rotation, huh? 😉 Hehehe)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hours popularity is more of a reflection on me I think, lol. I liked him so much that when I first bought his expansion, I had him be the baby daddy to my heir in my legacy. I had to have her marry someone else to get the trait points, but he fathered her two boys. I was very happy to get those genetics added into my family.

      But yeah, Daniella needs some friends her own age. Quincy Epstein becomes quite useful for solving her problem.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Okay, will Luca ever put on a shirt? LOL. I feel bad for Daniella but what you can try to do is make her create a club and have one of the requirements be that members must be teens. That way, she will get a listing of all the teenagers in the world and then she can add them to the club. It will make it easier for her to get together with them and make friends.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Luca has a shirt–well a black leather jacket. It’s an available option, but he just never chooses it. Like ever, lol. I don’t mind though because it helps to distract me from his often undesirable behavior.

      Liked by 1 person

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