Round 2, Chapter 8 [Blank]: Friends Friends Friends

Bo sat on the couch watching TV while Heaven practiced the guitar in their bedroom. She assumed she would easily learn the instrument because she always did well with musical instruments on Sixam. But these Earthly instruments were different. They only produced music exactly as you played it. This was different from the two-way conversations one could have with instruments on Sixam.

Heaven: This is not so bad. The chords are the same, as is the sound. If anything, I might come to prefer being  in complete control of the sound coming out of my instrument. This career as an entertainer will be interesting indeed.

04-24-16_1-40-42 AM

While she practiced, Bo sat on the couch and thought back over his park visits. He watched a cooking show, hoping to pick up some tips since he was to be the main cook for the house. He mulled over whether or not to tell the family about all his interactions with the Sims. Everything seemed to worry Heaven, and he did not like to upset his wife.

04-24-16_2-12-23 AM

He was developing a bad habit of reading the minds of Sims. He noticed it was an easier way to learn about them, but they always noticed, no matter how he went about the interaction. He remembered that day at the park when he met the Gregarious and Cheerful Carmen Butler. She reacted very well when she discovered he was a Sixamian. Everyone would not always respond that way.

04-25-16_9-51-24 PM

While Heaven practiced, and Bo mulled, the offspring were hanging out front. Lucas Munch came home from school with Asa and Gem. Asa and Gem grabbed leftovers, but Lucas was not hungry. They chatted on the front porch until more children came to join them.

04-24-16_1-41-13 AM 04-24-16_1-41-01 AM 04-24-16_1-41-49 AM 04-24-16_1-41-59 AM

Gem went inside to put away her plate and encountered an angry-looking Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis.

“What is wrong with your face? Why do you appear so upset?” asked Gem.

04-24-16_1-44-06 AM

“Oh! I look angry? I’m actually quite nice,” said Olivia.

04-24-16_1-44-18 AM

“That is good to know. I was worried, but I am–”

“Let me stop you there. You’re on my time now. I’ve been watching you at school, and I think we’ll make good friends. But you need to understand I’m in charge,” said Olivia.

04-24-16_1-44-34 AM

“In charge? I do not know what that means. I am happy to make more friends, but I am–”

“Let me stop you there. I wasn’t asking your permission. Don’t make trouble, and we’ll all get along. Now come on outside. There are a lot of us, and you and I have to hold auditions to complete our crew.”

04-24-16_1-44-36 AM

On that note, Olivia spun and walked through the kitchen and out the back door to the playground.

When Bo and Heaven picked this house, they did so with the hope that the nearby playground would help their offspring make friends. Gem knew this and so she followed Olivia out to the playground, happy to meet more Sim children in spite of what just happened in her hallway.

Gem: Soooooo, that just happened. I am not sure why Olivia behaved that way. Is that how Sims make friends? It seemed wrong, but I think I will give her a chance. And I will watch how she treats the other Sim children.

They arrived at the monkey bars, and Asa was already there with Max Villareal, Elsa Bjergsen, Robyn Epstein, Lucas Munch, and Alexander Goth. Gem turned away from the Sim children, trying to gather her courage to speak to them in spite of how Olivia made her feel as if she should not speak. She did not turn quick enough, and she noticed Olivia scowling at Elsa.

04-24-16_1-48-21 AM

Gem’s face fell. She worried that she would never make genuine friends with the Sims because their behavior was so undesirable.

04-24-16_1-48-36 AM

Gem decided to she would let it go and just play on the monkey bars. She smiled at the other children, deciding to give them another chance.

04-24-16_1-49-17 AM

But before she could even get up to the top bar, Max started making fun of Robyn.

04-24-16_1-49-10 AM

At first Robyn just looked at him, nonplussed.

04-24-16_1-49-45 AM

But then, she started making fun back! Gem did not know what to think as she made her way across the monkey bars.

04-24-16_1-49-51 AM 04-24-16_1-50-07 AM 04-24-16_1-50-11 AM


Before she could make it all the way across, she heard laughter. Robyn and Max were laughing at their shared joke.

Gem: That was a joke?! I thought they were angry… I’m never going to get this Sim thing down. I just don’t understand the subterfuge involved in making friends.

04-24-16_1-50-17 AM

Soon, Olivia decided everyone should head back to the house. She told Gem it was an exercise to see how many people her tiny house could hold. Gem was not sure, but she felt offended by what Olivia said.

Olivia, Elsa, and Gem headed back inside. Olivia sat on the couch, beginning to fume because the other children had not joined them yet.

04-24-16_1-52-00 AM

Elsa turned to Olivia and engaged her in conversation. Her natural Bjergsen charm won over the ever difficult Olivia, and they laughed and talked until the other children finally decided it was in their best interest to join Olivia in the house.

04-24-16_1-52-43 AM 04-24-16_1-52-47 AM 04-24-16_1-57-24 AM

Gem and Asa hung out with the Sim children well into the night.

Heaven and Bo finally headed off to bed because it was late and they were tired. They considered that they neither cooked dinner for the offspring and their Sim children friends, nor did they encourage any of them to do their homework. Not great parenting, that was certain. They comforted themselves with the thought that none of the Sim children discovered their offspring were Sixamians.

04-24-16_1-57-28 AM 04-24-16_1-57-38 AM

The next morning, Bo got up earlier than the rest of the family, he showered, then cleaned up the scattered plates of leftovers around the dining room and kitchen.

04-24-16_2-00-59 AM 04-24-16_2-01-58 AM

He got started on breakfast, and was disappointed to learn he had not picked up enough tips from yesterday’s cooking show to win the fight with the stove.

04-24-16_2-03-27 AM 04-24-16_2-03-54 AM

After breakfast was finished, he headed out to the wild gardens that edged his property. He had been keeping an eye on the roses, strawberries, mushrooms, and other plants. He harvested the plants, then headed back to his home to begin working on his gardening Aspiration.

04-24-16_2-07-14 AM

Bo was excited to work on this aspiration because plant life on Earth was so different from Sixam. The first thing he did was dig a hole, and put one of each item in its own hole. He covered it with dirt and he was halfway there. That was similar to Sixam.

04-24-16_2-09-29 AM

But unlike Sixam, these plants needed water to grow. He could not understand why the Earth plants needed extra care, but he was happy to provide it.

04-24-16_2-11-13 AM

Inside the house, Heaven and the offspring sat down to breakfast without Bo. Heaven felt like they should have all eaten together, and she was visibly upset.

04-24-16_2-08-32 AM

She did not let her feelings ruin breakfast for the offspring though. Gem and Asa chattered all through the meal, excited to see all their new friends in school that day.

04-24-16_2-08-22 AM

“It’s going to be so great. Max said he might ask me to join his club! And Lucas is just great, you know that Gem. I noticed Olivia talking to you a lot. I think she might be your first Sim BFF! Won’t that be great?” asked Asa.

The smile on Gem’s face faded as she considered his words.

Gem: Well, at least I have made friends, even if they are not the most desirable friends one could have. I will focus on the positive though, and be grateful  I have the family that I do.

They finished their breakfast, bonding as a family, while Bo was outside bonding with his plants.

04-24-16_2-08-27 AM

14 thoughts on “Round 2, Chapter 8 [Blank]: Friends Friends Friends

    1. Jim is still getting used to sim relationships, she doesn’t know yet that the way Olivia treats or isn’t how some friendships are supposed to go. Once she figures it out, it’ll be interesting to see if they can stay friends as they grow older.


  1. Oh man… Olivia seems like a handful! Lucas is being adorable as always, and Elsa is charming the socks off of everyone! Maybe it’s a Windenburg thing, to be so good-natured? I loved getting to know the kids a bit better 🙂
    Bo needs to chill with the mind-reading, but at least he’s occupying himself with all his plants. I like the fact that music is different on Sixam! It makes for all kinds of fun imagined things…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Those kids are great, I think they helped Gem and Asa see that life as a Sim isn’t so bad. And you’re so right about Bo. He refuses to follow the mission, I dont know how much longer he can get away with it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Funny I always found Olivia to be a sweet but boring sim. I was sad when I saw Alexander. I miss some of the sims I started my rotation with!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah, Alexander is still a young kid in mine. I’m hoping he stays friends with Asa and Gem though, so it’ll be interesting to see if he has the same personality you expect from him.

      And no, I fully disagree with you. Olivia is a frowny-face bossypants in every save of the Sims 4 I’ve started! Every. Single. One.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Seriously? I’ve never known her to be anything but cheerful and goofy! I was thinking maybe she was an alienophobe–but if she’s always like that in your games… who knows?

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I loved the interactions with the kids! Poor Gem… Hopefully her new friends turn out to be better than they seem. That Olivia seems like a piece of work! Hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

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