Round 2, Chapter 7 [Butler]: A Guide to Finding Party Guests

Carmen woke up feeling so very hungry. She had been dreaming of Nana’s french toast, and waking up was tough. Her sparse room had some sunlight flowing in, so she barely noticed the lack of a lamp that she still hadn’t replaced after the discount movers broke it.

001 Hungry Morning

She walked to the fridge with a seriously uncomfortable look on her face. She reached in a grabbed the plate of leftovers from yesterday’s breakfast.

Carmen: Oh boy, here we go again. Maybe it tastes better reheated?

04-25-16_9-26-02 PM

Carmen sat at the table and a smile spread across her face. What was the point of being a Cheerful Sim if optimism didn’t take over every now and again? Surely the eggs couldn’t be as bad as yesterday.

04-25-16_9-26-38 PM

She took a bite.

04-25-16_9-26-43 PM

“Oh gosh! Ugh!”

04-25-16_9-26-50 PM

After Carmen forced down her breakfast, she headed outdoors. It was an off day for work, so she thought it would be a good time to meet the neighbors. Having friends only in Windenburg just didn’t seem wise. If she decided to have an impromptu party, she needed nearby friends who would show up.

She ran up to the first person she saw, a very good looking man named Dominic. He seemed pleased to meet her, and she was contemplating flirting with him, but then she found he was from Windernburg. And he was married.

Carmen: The bad news is that sexy piece of chocolate is taken. The good news is I’ve been overestimating what it would take for a Windenburg resident to travel to my neck of the woods.

04-25-16_9-31-02 PM

They said goodbye, and she looked for more friendly faces. As she passed a woman who did not appear friendly, she saw Clara Bjergsen in the distance. And if she wasn’t mistaken, she was grilling something!

04-25-16_9-33-06 PM

If only she hadn’t eaten stupid leftovers! Clara wasn’t the cook for the Upper Crusts club gathering the other night, but Carmen assumed that as club leader, she had high Cooking skill.

She reached the picnic area and greeted Clara. They sat down together at a nearby picnic table.

“I’ve made a full Party Size serving, feel free to grab a plate,” said Clara.

04-25-16_9-34-37 PM

“Oh no, I can’t. I hope I’m not being rude by refusing. No one loves a good meal better than me. You see, I just finished breakfast. Otherwise, I would definitely eat this breakfast scramble. It smells so good! So good,” replied Carmen.

Carmen: Smooth answer, oh yeah. I’ve smartly left out the part about how awful my food tasted. Hopefully my turn to cook for the club will be a long ways away…

04-25-16_9-34-28 PM

Carmen wasn’t sure why she felt the need to impress Clara. She just felt that being friends with her would open many doors, so she wanted to nurture the friendship. She bet if she threw a party, and people knew Clara was coming, everyone would accept the invite.

“Oh! No problem, no problem at all,” said Clara. “How could you know I’d come all the way to this park from my house simply to cook breakfast? When I woke up this morning, I had the strangest thought. I just decided that I should come do this. I was going to call and ask you to join me, but you walked up before I could. I’m hoping some of your neighbors join us, and we can get to know them as well!”

“Wow, thanks Clara! You’re so thoughtful. I was was wondering how I would go about meeting my neighbors, but this accomplishes that for me. No one should be able to stay away from this beckoning smell for long.”

04-25-16_9-35-39 PM

Carmen was right about that. Soon she’d met a few neighbors, though she wasn’t sure any of them actually lived in her part of Willow Creek. She met Laurel Epstein, Bo Blank, and another few people who’s names she couldn’t remember.

04-25-16_9-37-04 PM 04-25-16_9-37-17 PM 04-25-16_9-42-02 PM 04-25-16_9-42-14 PM

The groups circulated back and forth between two near picnic tables when something really strange happened. Her brain felt… funny. It was as if someone was poking around in there. She got flashes of herself smiling the biggest smile, then she was dancing her heart out, then she was tripping over her own feet, then she was welcoming Sims into her home for a party. What in the world???

She looked around and the only thing that was out of place was Bo Blank. He was starting at her very intently, too intently.

Carmen: Oh my, is he–is that even a thing? What?? I think–No, I know– I just discovered an alien!!!!! That. Is. So. Cool!

002 Xenophilia


Carmen raised her hand to ask the table if anyone else noticed this awesomeness when something inside her head said, “don’t. Let them discover on their own, if at all.” So she said nothing.

04-25-16_9-45-23 PM


She turned at looked at Bo. She smiled, then raised her hands as if to say, “eh, I accept it, I dig it, your poorly kept secret is safe with me.”

04-25-16_9-48-31 PM


Bo smiled in acknowledgement then turned to talk to the other Sims in the area. He seemed pleased to have discovered a xenophilic Sim. Carmen wondered how many others knew his secret. She wondered if he had a family and if they knew his secret. She wondered what he looked like out of disguise. So many questions, too many Sims nearby to ask.

04-25-16_9-49-58 PM

By this point, the sun had moved through the sky, and the park was no longer sunbathed. Carmen decided she needed to move on. She’d had a whim to have a drink at a bar venue since she moved into her new house. And if it went well, hopefully she’d meet more future party guests. Or maybe even a future partner.

She checked her phone for what was nearby. Nothing good. Her attention was drawn back to Windenburg. She noticed several dance clubs that looked interesting to check out, but she really wanted to check out a bar venue.

04-25-16_9-50-38 PM

She said goodbye to all the new neighbors and not-quite-neighbors she met, and headed off to the Old Quarter Inn… yes, in Windenburg. She texted Clara, who had already left, since she was heading closer to her neck of the woods, she should drop by the bar later if she could. Clara texted back to her that she might see her there.

Because her Mama raised her right, Carmen cleaned up the garbage she and Clara created before she left.

04-25-16_9-51-39 PM

Carmen stood outside the bar, marvelling at the appearance. It was somehow both quaint and grand.

Carmen: Bars back home didn’t look anything like this. This looks like some old European estate. The Bjergsens’s modern house gave me the wrong impression on Windenburg, I think…

04-25-16_9-57-14 PM

Once inside, seated at the bar, Carmen noticed there were a good number of good-looking men.

“Hi! My name is Carmen. I’m new to this world. I live over in Willow Creek, but I keep finding myself in Windenburg. Everyone here is so friendly.”

04-25-16_10-01-08 PM

The guys all introduced themselves while the bartender mixed drinks. The only one who stuck in her memory was married Dominic, though they all seemed friendly, and fun, enough.

04-25-16_10-01-15 PM

She wandered over to the Don’t Wake The Llama table where she saw her club-mate Lila March or Lily Munch or…something. She was with a surprisingly nice gentleman named Geoffrey Landgraab. Even his name sounded fancy, but he was surprisingly down to Earth.

04-25-16_10-05-26 PM

Carmen had fun chatting with them for a bit before heading back to the bar. All the eye candy men had been replaced by eye candy women. The not-so-nice looking woman she saw earlier turned out to not be so bad. She was Geoffrey Landgraab’s wife Nancy. She didn’t have most pleasant demeanor, but she looked like she’d be fun at a party. The women ordered drinks, and chatted amiably for a while. Jokes were told, seats were exchanged, sunglasses were added. Nancy said something crazy and shocking, which Carmen suspected was normal behavior for her.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After Carmen had enough chatting, she headed to the dance floor. There wasn’t really a dance floor, but there was space, and there was a jukebox. ‘Nuff said. As Carmen found a good sized spot on the floor to boogie, she noticed Clara had arrived.

04-25-16_10-13-04 PM

She called to her to join in, and they each started grooving to the beat, each woman finding her own space in the music.

04-25-16_10-14-10 PM

Soon Clara came over to where Carmen was standing. Their dance moves started out separate, and before you know it…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Clara was not the Dance Machine that Carmen was though, so she tapped out, while Carmen kept going strong. Her whim to have a drink brought her to the bar, but her need to dance kept her there.

04-25-16_10-16-28 PM 04-25-16_10-16-38 PM

She headed back to the bar to grab one more drink, not worrying about her dwindling cash flow. She was having the time of her life! She would definitely have enough party guests whenever she started throwing them.

04-25-16_10-18-22 PM 04-25-16_10-18-28 PM 04-25-16_10-18-33 PM

She finally dragged herself out of the bar some time around 3AM.

04-25-16_10-19-39 PM 04-25-16_10-19-54 PM 04-25-16_10-20-30 PM 04-25-16_10-20-38 PM 04-25-16_10-20-42 PM

When she got home, she regretted not peeing before she left. She took care of that, then finally got back to the bed she’d left almost 24 hours prior.

04-25-16_10-22-01 PM 04-25-16_10-23-50 PM 04-25-16_10-23-52 PM 04-25-16_10-24-05 PM 04-25-16_10-24-09 PM 04-25-16_10-24-16 PM

17 thoughts on “Round 2, Chapter 7 [Butler]: A Guide to Finding Party Guests

    1. Carmen is so friendly, unlike Luca who’s so mean. But neither one of them are having a lot of luck in love. And you’re right, Bo is the worst at hiding that he’s an alien. We’ll see how that turns out for him.


  1. I adore Carmen! She’s definitely the sort of person I’d want as a friend in real life 🙂 Poor lass thinking that reheated terrible eggs will taste better than fresh terrible eggs, though… =p I was really happy to see Clara randomly cooking at grills again! I miss her from my legacy 🙂
    Also, it’s not his chapter but I have to say this: Bo! You are terrible at this secrecy thing. Everyone will know, soon. You’re just lucky no-one has been a xenophobe so far.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m still not entirely sure what she’s all about, though it looks like she’s trying to figure it out herself too! Seems like a fun night out mind. Too bad all the hot men are married (wait, is this the sims or real life? :D)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. She seemed to have a blast out on the town. Also there’s a mod that makes the sims in your played houses show up on lots more often… if you use mods. I could find it for you.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It’s nice to see Carmen out having some fun. I still feel like I want to get to know her better and I look forward to more upcoming chapters about her. She’s so interesting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Carmen is tough to write for me. With the exception of Clara, she hasn’t really met anyone she’s clicked with. I’m still working on finding her voice and finding ways to show her layers without having that Sim interaction with consistent Sims. Right now she’s just so worried about making friends because she’s all alone in a new town. Maybe I’ll have her start a diary, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. What makes her unable to talk to others consistently? Why doesn’t create meaningful relationships? Maybe that’s something to look into, you know? Does she hold back? Does she meet too many shallow people? Does she just want to meet everyone? So many thoughts…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. She wants to meet everyone. Her aspiration is party animal, and even though she can’t even afford to throw a good party yet, she wants the who’s who of guest lists. Let’s just say her priorities are misplaced.


  5. I love seeing all your characters crossing paths and meeting each other! (Especially the Blanks, since they are my personal favorite :P). Carmen is so cute and it’s nice to see her having fun and adjusting! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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