Round 2, Chapter 6 [Epstein]: Stay-at-Home Says What?

Laurel woke up feeling dirty. And hungry. And she really needed to use the restroom. She went to bed at the same time as Kurt, and he seemed fine, no need to rush off to the shower or toilet.

Laurel: Risky woohoo is a real concern…

04-23-16_11-27-01 PM

Laurel: Well… It’s not like we can’t afford more children now. And losing my not-even-finished yet gym would be a fair price to pay to have another nooboo. And I do love nooboos. Quincy and Robyn were great babies. The stage that bugs me the most, toddlers, well that stage was practically nonexistent for them. Okay, I can do this. It’s not like I’ll have to miss work to make it happen, hehe.

04-23-16_11-27-03 PM 04-23-16_11-27-11 PM

Laurel got out of the shower and let it go for the moment. She decided she would pay attention to her needs throughout the day to see if she should be worried or not.

She made breakfast for the whole family. Since this was a less formal meal, everyone just ate at the kitchen counter. She made a mental note to add more seating, and remove that pesky milk jug holding her cooking utensils. The kids headed off for school while Kurt finished eating.

04-23-16_11-34-45 PM

He watched his wife collect the dishes. He smiled at how she’d taken to her new role. He never imagined his working-all-day wife back in Belladonna Cove would transform to the woman he saw in front of him. He supposed being a Neat Sim helped. He considered making a joke about it, but he also remembered she was quick to anger. Funny how that made a Sim so sensitive.

Kurt: It’s not a bad thing to avoid making fun of your wife. Especially one as perfect as what I’ve got. I’m really loving this new version of her. Not a hair out of place. If I’m being honest, the heels could be higher, but she’s adjusting to life as a housewife. She’ll get there. I think I’m going to have to buy her a nice diamond necklace to go with the new heels. Yeah, she’ll like that.

04-23-16_11-35-05 PM

Kurt’s happy thoughts were interrupted when it was time for him to head to work. He forgot for just a moment that he was starting from the bottom in his new job. He hung his head as he left the house, hoping none of the neighbors noticed the pocket protector that was a part of his uniform. He wasn’t a Snob Sim, but being Materialistic and Perfectionist got him pretty close to that set of behaviors.

04-23-16_11-37-00 PM

Once he stepped into the sunshine, Kurt remembered why he was doing this. His family meant the world to him.

Kurt: Accepting the inheritance and moving my whole family doesn’t mean I can’t be successful in my career. I’ll show my children that having money doesn’t mean you stop working. And even if you have to start over in your career, you should still take pride in every level of work. I will be the perfect example for them to follow in their own lives.

04-23-16_11-37-23 PM

Laurel finished the dishes with a smile on her face. She thought about finishing decorating the new gym. But seeing as how she thought that she might be maybe pregnant, she decided not to finish that room just yet. She could handle a bright red gym for the next day while she waited to find out if she was indeed pregnant.

04-23-16_11-38-03 PM

She headed to her daughter Robyn’s room, feeling the urge to use the computer.

Laurel: This room makes me so angry! Robyn was right that it was too dark. “Old Money Warmth” my ass.

She distracted herself from her surroundings by typing away at the computer. She knew her husband and children would assume she was home redecorating, but she had other plans in mind. She started a Children’s book. She figured she could start by self-publishing a few of them, and see where it went from there.

They weren’t hurting for money by any means, but the part of her that liked to work hadn’t completely disappeared just because she got a grand inheritance.

04-23-16_11-39-51 PM

While she worked on her novel at the computer, she also got to work in Build Mode. She replaced the night table that held the ship her daughter so heavily disliked with a toy chest. She added a life-sized Blarffy just by the door. She didn’t have time to do much about the paint or lighting yet, but she hoped Robyn would appreciate the new toys. Nothing to make you hate your room less than adding toys, right?

04-23-16_11-42-27 PM

She continued working on her book, happy with how it was progressing. She smiled, and she almost felt like whistling. Normally quick to anger, Laurel surprised herself with how happy she’d been the last week or so. She had almost everything she ever wanted. Her needs felt about normal for this time of day, which likely meant no nooboo on the way. She wasn’t disappointed though because that just means they would have to Try for Baby. No complaints from Laurel on that one.

Both Laurel and Kurt dreamed of having a Big, Happy Family, so it was only a matter of time before that was on the agenda.

04-23-16_11-43-48 PM

Laurel finished up her work for the day, promising herself to finish the book soon in the coming days. She headed downstairs to make an after-school snack for the kids. Based on her own hunger levels, she assumed they wouldn’t be hungry enough for a full meal, so she worked on making salsa and chips.

04-23-16_11-47-31 PM

Quincy & Robyn came in from school, their days nothing to brag about. They each grabbed a bowl of salsa and chips and joined Laurel at the counter.

04-23-16_11-49-44 PM

They chatted about their days, the other children they’d met. Laurel told Robyn she hadn’t had a chance to redecorate her room, but she had added a few things she might appreciate. She made her promise to wait until after her homework was complete before looking though.

Right around the time Kurt got home from work, Geoffrey Landgraab rang the bell. Both men walked into the house to see Quincy and Robyn working on their homework in the kitchen. Kurt began helping Robyn. He was about to tell Quincy he’d help him next when he noticed Geoffrey helping Quincy. It turns out Geoffrey Landgraab is also a Family-Oriented Sim!

04-23-16_11-53-05 PM

Laurel was happy her husband made a new friend in Geoffrey Landgraab. She was even happier her children had help with their homework that didn’t have to come from her. She slipped away back upstairs to her new favorite room in the house.

How else was she supposed to focus and finally finish decorating?

04-23-16_11-53-47 PM

19 thoughts on “Round 2, Chapter 6 [Epstein]: Stay-at-Home Says What?

  1. Noobo! Noobo! the more the merrier! But I guess they still have to see if things will continue to be as ”dreamy” as they are now…their lifes changed to good very fast. but it could also change to bad, vey fast…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My word, Laurel has really thrown herself into this new life. It kind of seems like too much of a complete change for such a short time, though… I wonder if it will last.
    I don’t know why, but I got really protective of her when Kurt thought about higher heels – it’s like ‘DO YOU KNOW THE DAMAGE THOSE SHOES DO?’, but I think that’s more of a me thing than a her thing =p

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I felt the same way when playing through my legacy (I didn’t write it down) and then seeing pre-mades in other people’s stories. Dominic Fyres fathered generation 8 in my game in a very scandalous affair, and I was so sad when he died. I still get nostalgia about it when I see him now in my neighborhood rotation.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m kinda weird about it. The first thing I do when I start a new save is delete all the pre-mades because in my mind they all live in my rotation neighborhood!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. She certainly seems to be leaning in very deeply doesn’t she? I’m glad it doesn’t all seem authentic because it’s not. In spite of being Family-Oriented and Neat, there’s this other side of her that isn’t completely satisfied with this new life she’s setup for herself.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I bet that’s hard for her to reconcile. Trying to be something you’re not leaves you feeling empty!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Awww I was rooting for another nooboo the whole time! That would certainly throw a bit of a wrench into things as they’re trying to adjust!

    Liked by 1 person

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