Round 1, Chapter 4: Meet the Blanks!

They took a risk moving in while the sun was up. They knew it, and Heaven was afraid. But Newcrest was such a new town, so Bo didn’t think they had neighbors. If a welcome wagon showed up, then they would know for sure, but he felt quite certain they were safe.

04-24-16_12-46-05 AM

Their first order of business was to eat, and to pick disguises. They would need to look like a real Sim family, but that would be easy. Bo had one moment of sadness because he would miss his wife’s lovely face. What Heaven could do with hot pink makeup…

04-24-16_12-46-47 AM

But alas, it was for the best. Until they learned who was a xenophobe and who was not, they could not take any chances. Little Asa did not mind. He was just happy to be here, in Newcrest, on Earth! There was something about this atmospheric pressure that vibed with him. Deep breaths did not cloud his mind like it did with other so-called “aliens.” He did not care why they were there, he planned to enjoy it for as long as he could. Forever, if possible.

04-24-16_12-47-22 AM

Their mission was to inhabit this home, mix with the Sims, and breed with them in future generations. The offspring were so young, that when it came time for procreation, hopefully they would not think it as awful as Bo did.

He said a quick meditation that growing up with the Sims would teach the offspring to find them attractive in spite of the sand-, mud-, and clay-colored skin. Perhaps the Sims’ vibrancy was on the inside?

His female offspring Gem was so carefree and open to every new experience, even if most of it grossed her out. He wondered if she would ever find someone who loved her perfect blue skin, so much like his.

04-24-16_12-47-39 AM

Bo tried not to think too much about it and instead turned his focus to creating his disguise. He did not put too much thought into it because Sims seemed to dress and adorn themselves in random ways. He headed inside to make lunch for his family, reminding them to disguise themselves now.

Heaven and the offspring, Asa and Gem, assembled their disguises, waving goodbye to the versions of themselves they would not see again for a while.

04-24-16_12-49-42 AM

Bo was lost in thought as he prepared lunch. Thoughts of Sixam flooded his mind. He wanted so badly to be back home, where the plants, water, and rocks were lit from within, needing no help from the sun. It was not until he almost ruined lunch that his focus was pulled back to this planet.

04-24-16_12-52-02 AM 04-24-16_12-52-05 AM 04-24-16_12-52-11 AM 04-24-16_12-52-15 AM

The family outside assembled their disguises. Little Gem and Asa looked like the perfect offspring of their parents Bo and Heaven. To the untrained eye, they appeared as Sim-like as any other person in their neighborhood.

The hours of the day passed, and no welcome wagon showed up.

“I think we should be able to remove our disguises while we are in our own home. We will get some window coverings, and then we will get to be ourselves,” said Bo.

04-24-16_12-54-04 AM

Heaven sighed as she chewed. Asa was barely listening as he tried to figure out what was in his food receptacle. It certainly was not how he pictured salad. Gem listened to her father intently, wondering why this mattered so much to him.

Finally, Heaven replied. “I think we need to stay in disguise for now. Our mission will be ruined if too many people discover our secret. And this neighborhood may be empty now. But there are several interesting families flagged for Move In, and some of them are bound to end up on our street. You need to be reasonable about this husband,” she said.

“Fine, fine. Your logic is undeniable. I will keep this disguise. For now,” Bo said.

04-24-16_12-54-58 AM

“Great! Let us talk about something else then. I am excited to begin my career as an entertainer in the morning. Offspring, are you excited for school tomorrow?”

04-24-16_12-55-03 AM

“I am,” said Gem. “School is gonna be so easy here! I took a look at my homework. Father, you will not believe what they teach the young Sims here. 1+1=2! That is is on page one of my workbook. I guess seven year old young Sims start learning later in life.”

04-24-16_12-56-00 AM

“I am excited as well,” said Asa. “I can’t wait to see how this Sim disguise holds up against dirt. Such a fun experiement!”

04-24-16_12-56-17 AM

After lunch was finished, Bo went to put away the leftovers. He came back for their bowls, and he was pleased to see the offspring had begun their homework ahead of their first day of school. He thought Heaven was helping Asa with his homework, but it was hard to tell because she was also engrossed in a game on her wireless device.

04-24-16_12-58-43 AM

Gem climbed back into her chair at the table, and Bo helped her with her homework. It’s not that she needed the help, but they chuckled together at the math and spelling problems.

04-24-16_1-00-13 AM

Asa asked Heaven to help with his homework, and she tried, but she was painfully bored. The chatter from the offspring at lunch was not something she was used to.

04-24-16_1-01-15 AM

Back on Sixam, the offspring kept mostly to themselves. She hoped here on Earth, Asa and Gem would quickly make friends, and then she could keep the chatter to a minimum.

Heaven much preferred the company of cool people. The ones who liked to watch sports, high five, and be generally awesome. She was quite glad that sports and high fives worked pretty much the same way on Earth as they had on Sixam.

Soon it was time for bed. Asa and Gem went to the room they shared, falling asleep easily. Heaven and Bo had other plans for their night.

04-24-16_1-10-06 AM

In the morning, the offspring were up and away from school before either parent awoke. Heaven got up and made breakfast. She hoped Bo would notice that he had not put on any Sim clothes.

04-24-16_1-13-15 AM

He definitely noticed.

They sat on the couch and ate their scrambled eggs, enjoying a quite home.

“I’m worried Bo,” said Heaven.

“Worried about what, wife?”

“I’m worried that we will never get this Sim thing right. I love the feeling of this air against my unclothed body. But I don’t think this is allowed. Do you think this is allowed?”


“I hope so. I quite enjoy this as well,” replied Bo. “I think my only concern at this point is what our unclothed bodies are doing to the fabric of the furniture.”

04-24-16_1-15-03 AMAfter breakfast, Heaven reluctantly dressed and headed out for work. Bo watched her leave with a smile on his face.

Bo: If we’re going to stay in these Sim disguises, I think my preference is when we’re unclothed.

04-24-16_1-16-57 AM

With the house empty, Bo headed out to meet the world. He decided to leave uninhabited Newcrest and head to Oasis Springs. While there he met some lovely people.

He played chess with a woman who’s name he could not  remember. He also met a teenager named Quincy. Quincy Epstein. Sims used a lot of letter in their names Bo noticed. He wondered if he was too austere in choosing the Simlish translations of his family’s names.

He used his time at the park to test a theory. He knew his Sixamian abilities let him poke around in the mind of Sims. What he did not know is if he could so do without them noticing. He looked into Quincy’s mind, and learned that he considered himself a hopeless romantic, and that he would eat anything edible (or barely edible).

Quincy’s face registered a look of shock, then suspicion, then amusement, then happiness.

He looked slowly down at Bo, while Bo waited with anxiety for what would happen next.

04-24-16_1-27-41 AM

“You’re an alien!! On my! I wish I had a girlfriend to take to dinner and tell all about this! What?! This is crazy! But so cool! You’re like a real life alien! Cooooool! Wait until I get a girlfriend and tell her this! She’s going to be like, ‘whaaaat?!’ And I’m gonna be like, ‘I know right?!’ This is just wonderful! Bo, I’m so glad I came to the park today! If and when you meet my parents, please be sure to leave of what time of day we met, okay?”

04-24-16_1-28-13 AM

“Alright, young Sim. If my secret is safe with you, your secret is safe with me. I look forward to meeting your family. I’m sure my family will be happy to meet such an accepting young Sim,” said Bo.

04-24-16_1-27-45 AM

What was even better than meeting a xenophilic Sim like Quincy Epstein was the fact that the woman he was playing chess with didn’t notice. It was as if she had not noticed Bo read Quincy’s mind, and also if she had not heard the conversation that followed.

This was, for Bo, a perfect way to end the morning. He couldn’t wait to meet his family at home and talk about their days.

30 thoughts on “Round 1, Chapter 4: Meet the Blanks!

  1. “If we’re going to stay in these Sim disguises, I think my preference is when we’re unclothed.”

    HA, join the club, my man!

    I found your story through EddieSims, and I’m so glad I did! I’m having a lot of fun reading it so far, your families are so diverse and interesting. Can’t wait to see what happens with this particular crew!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you’ve discovered me! I always have fun seeing any comments that pop up when new readers start from the beginning!

      At the beginning there, I wasn’t sure where I wanted my story to go, but I have a lot of fun getting to know them until their lives become increasingly dramatic.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. YES ALIENS!! ❤ And the first meeting between rotation sims – I'm very glad it went well 🙂 Good on Bo for promising not to tell on Quincy.
    I can't blame them for preferring no clothes, though =p
    Asa is such a curious little thing, and Gem seems to be feeling confident about schoolwork. I hope Heaven meets more Bros (she is a Bro, yes?) and feels more settled when she's properly in with the cool' people =p

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s ok, I’m gonna try to catch up pretty quickly with this story anyway! I’m really into it 🙂 (alas I had to go to bed after reading this chapter – I was falling asleep at my desk.)

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, I really changed nothing except the pants I think for his disguise. His earrings and hair and everything he chose. The Blanks are the hardest family for me to write, so it makes me happy that so many people like them because that makes it so worth it!


  3. This family might be my favorite 😉 I love aliens trying to fit in among humans! So cute! When they were naked, it was hysterical! And I love that you’re already starting to have some crossing over between your families 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m trying to figure out how far too take Bo’s disdain for Sims. He seems both frustrated and fascinated by their differences. Heaven is so afraid of what will happen if they’re found out. The offspring could care less, they just want to be kids!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I was so happy when someone from one of my other families showed up! It’s what I wanted for my neighborhood rotation. Not just to see the family I’m writing about, but to see a non-first person view of the other Sims (and aliens).

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Love their disguises! Hehe “Bo: If we’re going to stay in these Sim disguises, I think my preference is when we’re unclothed.” Watching them learn the ways will be fun

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve tried not to play it up, but in my mind, Bo is a bit prejudiced. The fact that he’s enjoying his human body, and his wife’s naked human body is a surprise to him. I was worried about making a racist alien though, lol, so I didn’t write it as vividly as it is in my head.


  5. It’s so funny when they call the kids offspring. The other sims will think something’s fishy if they keep talking like that!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had this idea to have them refer to things differently than the Sims do, but I struggle with keeping it up. I have to scan each post before I publish it to make sure I’m not saying kids or children if I’m referring to the Blanks. Sims are children, Asa and Gem aren’t.


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